By the numbers: NCVAS

Where does all the VA’s money go?  The VA likes to tell the public it goes “for Veterans” but does it really?

The VA loves to keep “its numbers” under wraps.   I don’t think they like to answer “hard questions” such as this, but I think we should be asking them anyway.    You know, like why are they spending $100 million on VA parties, when Vets needs are being unmet.

You may have to look hard for this one, unless you are an ask Nod reader, and then you just have to click this link.

One statistic compiled by the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics (NCVAS)that is “interesting” is here.

In particular, notice pages 4, 5, and 6.

While the number of Veterans declined from 26 million to less than 23 million from 2000-2009, the expenditures increased from about $48 billion to about $98 Billion in the same period.   (Page 4)  This pretty much “blows a hole” in the VA excuse that the backlog is all Veterans fault for filing too many claims.

But, compare the charts on pages  5 and 6 with those on page 4.    You will notice the “slope” of the increase for Vets compensation (p5) and health care (p6) is much less than the “slope” of the VA’s total expenditures (p4).

Specifically, in the most recent 10 year period,  while total expenditures doubled, Vets compensation went from 20 billion to about 24 billion, or an increase of  20%, in the same 10 year period.  In other words, the VA got an average of 10% per year increase, but increased Vets compensation a mere 2%.    What happened to the rest of the money that went to the VA but did not go to Vets or their healthcare?

What does this mean?   Well, it means the VA got about twice as much money in 2009 as they did in 2000, but only a very small part of that is going for either Vets compensation or  Vets healthcare.    More is going for VA parties, and Va executive bonuses.

Ed. note. Rock solid fact-finding here. Questions we should be asking the VSOs/congressmen/women/Senators. Those bonuses for making mistakes are really starting to add up in the “miscellaneous expenditures” column if that’s where they are hiding it.

 The apparent “decline” in Veterans numbers is disingenuous. By using the Nasty Guard and reserve components who are not legitimately “Veterans” full time and active duty, the government has surreptitiously given a haircut to their benefits. They utilize the premise that anything you suffer after your service manifested during INACDUTRA (Inactive duty for training.) Bingo- Mo’ money means mo’ bonuses. 

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1 Response to By the numbers: NCVAS

  1. Kiedove says:

    Joe–The National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics is a brilliant find. Bravo!

    They appear to welcome questions about their studies. I feel compelled to ask them if they’ve done any studies on HCV and if they are statistically significant vis-a-vis MUNJIs.

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