Just in time for Christmas at a vARO near you. Free with the upload of your E-526 filing.

 That’s right, Vets. You heard me. Get yours before they’re all gone. Yes, you’ll be the hit of the season with your Shinseki chia®. People will come from miles around to touch the magic boy. But wait. What would you expect to pay for this guy? $8.95 ? $10.00? Well,  this December only, the VARO near you will be handing these babies out absolutely free with the e-filing of your vA claim. Don’t be a loser and delay. These chias will cheer you up when you get that eventual denial. You’ll get great satisfaction hucking one  through the plate glass livingroom picture window. Great PTSD stress relievers! File multiple claims and get extras. Shipping may take 125 days and vA anticipates 98% delivery by 2015. One thing’s for sure. Your chia will definitely have a full head of hair by the time the denial gets there. Vets using DBQs can ask for the free bobblehead upgrade subject to availability. Dealer prep and destination fees extra. May require ID for acceptance. Fuel surcharges where appropriate over 2 miles from VARO. VA makes no statement as to lead content of clay statues. Made in China.

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  1. asknod says:

    Yep. These babies are headed into collector status come January 22, 2012. Stay tuned.

  2. kel552 says:

    Get em’ now while they’re hot! Word has it that POTUS has a few replacement candidates for Mr. Shinseki, and that he has already updated his resume on

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