Got disease? Check. Got requisite service? Check. Got nexus? Well…. gee, I think VA supplies that, right? Roger that, Pilgrim. Denied. No nexus included.

Member Shawn sends us this pathetic attempt to resolve all doubt in favor of the Vet. Result? 84% denial rate. In an eerily similar situation, Marines are getting the dry end of the water trough at 84%. Keeping in mind that VA’s denial rate averages 85%, it’s hard to fathom why Lejeune denials are off by 1%. Same VA. Same raters. Same Bat Time and same Bat Channel. What’s different? Ahh, padewan. The new VBMS is finally paying off with 98% accuracy. What else can it be?


Camp NoWay, N.C.

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  1. James Perry says:

    350 VA CLAIMS PERSONNEL? It’s amazing there are over 350 VA staff and adjudication personnel identified by FOIA releases of Asbury Press working in our local VA Regional Office with only one telephone number 1-800-827-1000? According to blanked name telephone number searches over 300 unpublished numbers exist at that local federal building? Now with the help of automation and computers, some of these offices have answering machines that talk back and place you on their que and payroll(not) for awaiting to receive VA reservation to call help? I’ve always said the worst senario was to give a federal employee the answering machine? Now to give one that talks back is far worse yet? Three bogus US OPM Merit incentive pay increases each year began and since with Mr. Secretary Nicholson and I would think we veterans have been short changed and deserve better?

  2. James Perry says:

    NEXUS? REGISTERED WITH THE WATER BOARD AND THE NAVY WAY BACK WHEN UPON FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT 2006-08. NAVY DEPT SENT ME A TORT PACKET? FILED MY NAVMAC-118 ASSIGNMENTS with them and the VARO. Filed the chemical MSDS sheets for the chemicals, AO, tri-chloro, perichloro, vinyal chloride with the VA. I was granted 10 percent SC effectively back to November 2010 concurrently with heart conditions. The appeal is currently locked down before the BVA ALJ in response to my NOD and dated my claim dates back to 1997 when the claim was initially sent via USPS Green mailer to the VARO. Simply, the delay tells me that currently they do not want to adjudicate the appeal because of the rest of you with similiar claims and having to pay out large monetary claims and budget shortages? James Perry pro se. The “Looking Glass General” still rides shotgun on Pentagon money? He likes F-35 Edsels with bad engines? Have you noticed? When you claim has been farmed out to a service organization there my exist some conspiracy and excuse for delaying your claims. As in removed from the federal chain-of-custody awaiting a one page letter of introduction that only takes about 30 minutes to prepare and years awaiting on the adjudication que? Something rotten in Denmark here aside form spoiled sardines? You see without a POA the VA has no excuse and to acknowledge incompetency at the BVA or the Court for it’s lack of zeal and sandbagging your case and claim?

  3. asknod says:

    VA rule #1– You lose (always)
    rule #2— If it appears you are going to win, refer back to #1
    We let a few win (15%) to keep the Congressmen off our backs.

  4. randy says:

    SOSDD, right? Same ole _ _ _ _ different day. Too bad that the testicular fortitude is not behind the law. How can anyone with a conscious do this? Pack of BS artists to say the least. Deny, deny, deny!

  5. Kiedove says:

    Thank you Shawn. A valuable link from the article goes to an article in the January 2012 Veterans Law Review. It’s worth reading.

    Click to access AuthorsCopies3-AllisonLin.PDF

    It covers the History of the Agent Orange Act of 1991 Ex. page 101-105.
    A model for the Veterans’ HCV/MUNJI Act of 21__?
    I think the author, Allison Lin, is a potential ally in our epic quest to see HCV named as a presumptive service-connected illness.

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