Over a year ago, I started taking this ingredient which derives from the Indian spice Tumeric. We see it mostly in  curry powder and on deviled eggs. Cupcake, in her contunuing desire to keep me on this side of the grass, searches far and wide for liver supplements that don’t involve quackery. My naturopath initially suggested it but after more study, it’s obvious this spice derivative has more on the ball than even milk thistle.

I’ll put a few links to this here and leave you to your own devices. What I really want to communicate about it is elementary. Everything you eat has to be filtered through your liver. Everything. Drugs, food, alcohol, tylenol, filet mignon, the whole panoply of things that disappear down the piehole. With that in mind, you have to be selective about what enters in. When you hit stage 4 and are staring cirrhosis in the face, it’s even more daunting because of a lifetime of habits.

The hardest thing I ever did was give up my affliction for fast food. Burger King and McDonald’s stock fell precipitously when I realized they were my liver nemesis. I’ve never been back even once. Have you ever seen the movie  Supersize Me? Its an Indie film with very little advertising  but extremely educational . A gentleman ate exclusively at McDonald’s for a month and was given liver function tests prior to and subsequently thereafter. His AST/ALT results, the two main indicators of liver health, were dramatically different. Healthy numbers would be 20 and 25 respectively. The healthy range is between 5-40 generally for both. Both of his climbed up to almost 100.

To put that in perspective, my liver numbers are usually 100 and 200. My ALT has gone as high as 605 when my autoimmune hepatitis was competing with the HCV for ascendancy. That was six months after my one and only dose of Interferon. I’m happy as a clam when I can get my ALT down in the 150 range where it is right now. 

Back to curcumin.   Here’s the medical aspect in fancy words. Several studies have illustrated curcumin’s hepatoprotective effects, leading researchers to suggest its use in protecting the liver from exogenous insults from environmental toxins. Curcumin also has the capacity to increase both the flow and solubility of bile. Curcumin’s hepatoprotective effects are due in part to direct free-radical scavenging; but curcumin also enhances the body’s natural antioxidant system, which increases glutathione levels, thereby aiding in hepatic detoxification and inhibiting nitrosamine formation.

Even I can can glean the important words out of this to know that curcumin is probably a good thing for liver-challenged heppers. What’s more, it’s on the shelf at most, if not all, health food stores. I can’t say it’s helping me because I don’t see any improvement. I guess its an article of faith that I’ll live longer if I do use it though. The benefit will probably be at the other end when I succeed in living longer than my doctor predicted. For those of us who are precluded from Interferon/Vertex/Ribavirin avenues, the choices are limited. Naturopathic remedies are our only respite and they are few.

Here are some articles you may find useful.

I’m not a doctor or lawyer but I am capable of reading and making fact-based choices. It’s fairly obvious to me that aeons history have recorded that something is afoot with curcumin that promotes liver vitality. In light of the vast usage of this in food in one of the most hepatitis-prone areas of the world leads me to believe the witch doctors know whereof they speak. Even if they were full of hooey, its one foodstuff that can’t hurt you.

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  1. randy says:

    Damn, now I need to eat. Thought I was done for the day. I’ll check it out.

  2. Robert G says:

    My landlords are arab/armeian but speak arabic. They have adopted me as a “son” because they cannot have children. They insist my sickness is from bad american food and Rx drugs they wouldn’r give to chickens! They showed me how to cook with tumeric a spice they say helps with “man” problems. They also eat tons of rice and chicken all the time. It turns the rice yellow and it has an ok flavor. I am a bad cook and lazy. They are in their 70’s and insist I should STOP eating all american foods especially frozen foods. I saw that supersize me documentry. Then why do I still crave mcnuggets and double cheese burgers? Eating cheap is how I must live on NSC pension. Bad excuse huh?
    Also they insist costco chicken (baked in store) is the best drug free chicken that will not make my boobs grow bigger! Anyone heard this one?

  3. Kiedove says:

    –Watch Supersize Me for free on Hulu.
    –Tumeric: Dr. Oz says it’s good for brains too.
    –I like to sprinkle it in when stir-frying multi-colored peppers and onions. Serve with rice. I don’t make this nearly enough. Thanks for the reminder.

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