Hi. This is Peggy. I’m not available right now. Please leave a number and the best time to reach you.

This one may have gotten past most Vets advocates.   You see, many of them simply do not trust the information received when you call the VA at 800-827-1000, commonly referred to as Peggy on some Vet’s help sites. We generally call it Dial a smile or Dial a Prayer (DAP).  The email  address is uluz.com  

With a million Vet waiting list, many, many of them would like to know the status of their claim, or, more specifically, when are they going to get paid. They usually would like to know when they call. That’s the whole idea. Call va. Get info.

Up until 2007, you could call DAP and talk to a real Vet technician with power to fix things right inside your own VARO.

The nerve of those “Pesky” Veterans…Peggy is overwhelmed.  It seems Peggys have been drafted to help with the claims backlog. You now often  have to have an appointment to call Peggy.  Yep.  Not enough Peggy’s to go around.  Now, when you call Peggy, you eventually get a computer that asks you to leave your name and number and a time when Peggy can call you back.  That’s right..phone calls to Peggy for information are frequently “by appointment only”.   One problem with that is I was unable to even get an appointment with Peggy!  That’s right..Peggy stiffed me.

What does all this mean?   For some years now, Veterans have not been able call their Regional Office…nooooo, this might mean a Veteran could reach someone and maybe solve his problem.   And its clear, they (VA) do not want you to be able to solve your problem, that is, to find out what the glitch in your benefits actually is and be directed to the right person to fix it.  But the Veteran had a “friend in Peggy”.   Peggy could at least explain why it was taking so long, and maybe even give you a friendly “Hang in there, Vet”.  This was uplifting when the kids said things like, “Daddy, are we going to be kicked out of our home for not paying the mortgage soon?”

In order to solve the increasing homelessness caused by this new wrinkle, VA has developed an eco-friendly luggage cart for all the family’s belongings. Free luxury vA luggage is available as well. What’s more, this, faux stainless steel, rugged, all-weather luggage conveyance doubles as a handy barbecue in the blink of an eye. Yes, after that nasty eviction, you’ll be the envy of your fellow homeless Vet friends. Call Peggy and leave her the number of the closest phone booth and a time she can reach you.  Don’t forget your last name and your last four. You can take possession of these babies at the RO. Please bathe before coming in. No Petuli oil, please.

BBQ as advertised. Your model may vary slightly. Fire not included. Wheels are optional for a small fee. Includes free bread warming shelf. Includes dealer prep and destination fees. vA assumes no responsibility for uses other than luggage transporter and BBQ. Not a Toy. Do not leave young children unattended in this conveyance.

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3 Responses to Hi. This is Peggy. I’m not available right now. Please leave a number and the best time to reach you.

  1. KC says:

    So I’m reading along with the usual huge grin I don when reading Mr. NOD’s articles, then I get to the “Please, no patchouli oil”… *note to self* do NOT attempt to consume anything liquid or solid when reading ask NOD. They don’t travel friendly through the sinuses. WOW… It’s been darn near 40 years since Patchouli oil was all the rage, along with water buffalo sandals!! Thanks for the memories Mr. NOD. 🙂 (and the “clean up, on computer screen aisle 12 please”)

  2. SquidlyOne says:

    They don’t call the VA 800 number “Peggy” for nuthin!

    Well try calling your VSO for an update…hah…hah….hah! 🙂

    The homeless can’t afford to waste their tracphone airtime on something like that. Need to get to the internet to get a status on (and bird-dog) your claim or just go into the VARO in person. If you have a netbook you can drive around the parking lot of some motels until you can get a wireless connection. Some shops and rest stops on the interstate have free wireless also. If no PC or I-phone then a public library. IRIS responses can be printed out and the overall general response time is good.

    I have not tried to use VONAPP to submit a claim yet, so I don’t know how well it works. Ebenefits, although very slow and goes down alot, has been good in keeping me posted on where my claim is at. It is only as good as the VARO who updates it though. My VARO is very good about keeping ebenefits updated to be current. Sometimes not all of the evidence is listed but the major stuff is usually there. This VARO has been excellent to deal with overall as far as the claims process is concerned and within the grand scheme of all things VA. But I know not all VAROs are considered equal….

  3. Robert G says:

    Here in Ca peggy don’t answer the phone. You have 2 options when calling. Check on your last payment OR press 0 to talk with a representative. You have to wait through worthless updates on recorded messages. After you choose to speak to a live person the computer says your call cannot be completed at this time. You are cut off immediately with a blaring busy signal! I have yet to get throught to a real person via there 2 options. I try about once or twice a year to see if I can get through. No luck just the same old shit different day.

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