I spotted this attached to the Vet’s dictionary today. Bobby Dot has left us a few comments on posts lately. This deserves front page status. Vets in Pennsylvania will soon have a National Service Officer who doesn’t shoot blanks.

 bobby dott says:

September 26, 2012 at 13:48 (Edit)

  1. I was recently terminated as a part time “PAID” VSO with the VFW. I have done claims since 2004 and never once did I have a complaint of any kind. Ok, I put first name last and last name: you get the drift. But I was dismissed (office at Phila VAMC & Vet Centers) because, well they claimed I was a liability because I had a tendency to research and develop claims for vets. Vets who are illiterate, burned out, not sure what to do next… I didn’t bother to burn any bridges. I am waiting for my test date for NSO so I can work for myself. So, if the VFW in Philadelphia spent $331 twice a m month for 6 new part time service officers, who actually help with claims, my math says $47.664 a year salary. That’s half the tab of all the booze spent at the stae and national conventions in 2011.

    Wow. Totally new concept. A VSO who helps Vets. I’m trying to wrap my mind around that.

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  1. RS says:

    Ahhh…comments was in the eye test (for me) part of the post. LOL Hey Bobby Dott…if you have any ideas how to get those bad boys in Philly MOVING I’d sure love to hear it! My husband’s claim is >400 days in gathering evidence the latest fiasco waiting for them to STOP requesting Social Security disks and instead, use on of the four they’ve already requested or the one I sent and receive them into the computer and move the claim to rating! I suspect they are in the file, and the file moved to PENSION since a phantom pension claim was opened Aug 22…two days after they signed for my SS disk sent signature required. I’m just up north of Philly…up rt 309 abt 60 or so miles.

  2. KC says:

    Get used to hearing about that! There are a few more of us traveling that same road to certification. I refuse to be affiliated with the service orgs. though. They all have an agenda to some degree. And it aint always for the good of Veterans. They corral folks into being sponsored because it costs around $450 after the tests are taken, background checks performed, and VA acts on the certification request. I say keep your money. I’m free.

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