Attached in PDF are 30 pages of everything you need to file you jetgun claim. It is a compendium of everything wrong with them and why they can cause HCV and a host of other diseases. You may thank WGM in the comments section below when you win. He put a of of time and energy into this and then had VA blow him off in favor of sexually transmitted diseases. While a win is a win, I commiserate with him that they were too chicken to go head to head on this. The evidence here in conjunction with his 4 nexus letters was bullet proof. VA must have thought the same thing because they promptly charged off in what they thought was a safe direction to deny. Wrong.

I apologize for the extreme delay. I had a computer “misadventure” and no longer have a scanner function. I had to scan these into a thumb drive and then make the transfer. Everything made it in one piece except for his SSN and other identifying criteria. I deleted those for obvious reasons. Enjoy WGM’s hard work. He may have saved you days-even weeks of collating and finding info.


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  1. randy says:

    While my case was chalked up to “needle sticks” while on active duty (and I canot say with 100% accuracy that it wasn’t) I fully believe that my HCV came from those damned guns. Have spent years trying to get anyone to admit or even listen. I thank you for your research and hope that others will benefit from the information. Now there are some shiney new bullets which Vets can lock and load before heading off to the Clinics. Good luck to you all.

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