VA’s take on HCV

I ran across this website put up by none other than VA. If you can believe this, they actually state:

The source of infection is unknown in about 10 percent of acute hepatitis C cases and in 30 percent of chronic hepatitis C cases. 

Eighty five percent of cases filed are denied based on willful misconduct for drug abuse. If they cannot account for 30% of HCV cases, perhaps 15% were denied unlawfully?

In fact, VA cares for more individuals with hepatitis C than any other health care system in the country. 

Really? And why is that? Could it be that a lot of Veterans got it in the military or is it an odd coincidence?

This is the best by far:

And should the disease worsen (which it can, over the years, in a small percentage of patients), liver transplantation is also available.

So I read this as saying very, very few of us are going to die, but the majority have nothing to worry about. Boy, I’m glad we got that cleared up. I guess I’m just one of the unfortunate small percentage.

Read ’em and weep, Veterans.

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2 Responses to VA’s take on HCV

  1. Kelly Clark says:

    I love thier disclaimer…

    “A number of factors help predict whether a person is at risk of hepatitis C; this doesn’t mean these factors cause the disease, just that they are tend to occur more often in those with the disease than those without it. ”

    And goes onto list “alcohol abuse” as one of the “factors”.
    WTF??? I’d LOVE to see that nexus.

    Talk about a toe hold to denying claims.

  2. SquidlyOne says:

    Statistics don’t lie but the VA does. They have succeded in twisting and turning because of the Congressional coverup in 2000 of Veterans infected with HCV. It’s all about worshipping the greenback god and nothing more. We (Veterans and family of Veterans) need to get this fire lit. The different VSOs further the VA agenda by dividing us into smaller groups and isolating us from the whole. This smacks of the same tactics used by Hitler’s SS and Stalin’s Secret Police. Medical Science is Medical Science and Hepatologists know the VA’s agenda is truly bunk. The other healthcare professionals (including PPO and HMO healthcare workers) must salute and carry out the brainwashing.

    What this little VA propaganda pitch is really saying is that the VA only reaches out to known IV drug users for testing. The science of data modeling tells us that the VA is lying through their teeth. Millions of Veterans who were infected during Vietnam or post-Vietnam were not IV drug users. Nor did we all get drunk and fall on the same infected bayonet. I think we should put the word out for VCS and join it. Then push Patty Murray into a Senate hearing on the HCV Vets issue. We can prove the cover-up and we can prove that the VA is lying. Now it is up to us to organize and get the political clout and lean on Congress. Until then the VA, private doctors and big-pharma will continue to dance to the tune of the Pied Propaganda Piper.

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