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76.4% of BVA decisions are wrong (and not in the Veterans favor, either!)

Nope.  I did not make this up.  This is Bart Stichman’s testimony to Congress who said it.  For those of you who dont know Bart Stichman,  he is the Executive Director of the NVLSP, and the author of much of … Continue reading

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Whoa there, doggies. For all you guys from Michigan, back up the boat. NHL stands for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.  We don’t do sports or politics here. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Two things catch your eye about this. First,  the correlation between the two diseases … Continue reading

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Old Growth Spinach and the AMC

Old growth spinach. You know you have old growth spinach if you have to use climbing spikes, a belt and a small chainsaw to cut it. I planted this stuff in November and all it did was fester. Now its … Continue reading

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Remands. What are they? Well, let’s learn all about this animal. re·mand   (r-mnd) tr.v. re·mand·ed, re·mand·ing, re·mands 1. To send or order back. 2. Law a. To send back to custody. b. To send back (a case) to a lower court with instructions about further proceedings. This … Continue reading

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