Yep. Just got the Bat signal in the sky over my hacienda to report for duty to the John and Jerrel show this Thursday evening. Show starts at 1900 Hrs on the East Coast and, by deducting 3 hours from that, a body can interpolate that it will transpire simultaneously at 1600 Hrs on the Left Coast. As there is much disagreement about aid and attendance, who can get it, who cannot, and what the requirements are, I will be glad to clarify the subject.

I would note that the M 21 disagrees with my understanding of it. (IV.ii.2.H.8.b). But then the M 21 and I diverge on many subjects. I’ve engaged in HLR review informal conferences and the assigned reviewer always informs me I am in error. However, upon arrival at the BVA, I am assured, both by the clarification of the Veterans Law Judge, as well as the BVA decision granting a&a, that my interpretation is still correct.  See attached on page 4 in highlighted yellow for the latest confirmation of the proper interpretation. BVA R1 Win & cite to a&a redact As for when the VA will correct their misinterpretation and inform the rest of VAkind, I cannot say.

The show will attempt to explain it in far simpler terms and more clearly than some Veterans Help Sites I visit. Some sites follow VA’s lead and will insist you need 100% or TDIU to even get in line. Some feel if you apply for it, VA raters will put you under the microscope and you risk being reduced to dissuade you from ever attempting it again. We’ll attempt to dispel these old wives’ tales.

Bust out the suds, chardonnay or a single malt and mute the microphone if you plan on munching chips.

The call in number remains

(515) 605-9764

Should you so desire, you may connect using the link here:

I look forward to helping you achieve this SMC benefit -always assuming, arguendo, you are entitled to it.

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