Hold on to your hats. If you believe the attached BVA report, I have some Pacific Ocean Beachfront property I want to sell you in Arizona. The sand’s already in place. Just as soon as California has that Mother of all Bomb cyclone quakes, you’re gonna be in Fat City. Get  in while you can. These prices are not going to last forever.

Anyway, the attached just came out on our inward-facing “FacePlace™” at NOVA. It’ll roll your socks down. Whatever have they been doing down at 425 I Ave NW this last year? They actually got more done with fewer VLJs in 2020 than 2021. 2022 is going to be even worse. Quick. Somebody bang the gong on this.

Board Updates VSO Quarterly_FY23_Q2

Take a good gander at the remanded chart on Page 9. That is very damning. The BVA has continued to make a joke of the new AMA by just shoveling these back to the AOJ for the most rudimentary of remand reasons. Duty to Assist is most frequently mentioned but some are granted and sent back for ratings. Those all just result in auto-0% ratings with no c&p exams. Johnny Vet has to essentially begin all over on the Hamster wheel asking for a higher initial rating. When they grant, they disremember the effective date should be date of claim. I’ve seen Three-card Monte games that appeared more honest. It makes my eyes water to read it.

Pissed I am. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

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  1. Calvin Winchell says:

    Why does the fact that they are prioritizing legacy appeals falls on deaf ears and Tabasco eyes. What bullshit!

  2. Lettie says:

    Pact act is a joke. No compensation for the vet, always 0%, what a farst. Got the vet to vote then nothing.

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