Sorry I have been remiss but it seems VA has been bery bery productive in cranking out denials. Jez, wait until I opt in to an HLR. In truth, I’m ecstatic that some of these came out post-February 14th. I don’t have to tangle with the Jackson, Mississippi negative Nancys now. 

Tomorrow, the Good Howard willing, we’ll do a radio show with Jerrell and John. The same old Bat Time and Bat channel of course- 1600 Hrs on the Left Coast and 19oo on the Least Coast.

The subject, of course, will be the new Appeals Modernization Act. I’m sure they call it Ahmah by now at the ROs. Come on. If they call the D R Os  Droze, you know they weaponized it by now. How about Seeler for a suplemental claims lane or Heeler for a Higher Level of review. Shoot, we ought to call up the VA prize redemption line and discuss it with the VA’s “technicians”. Can you imagine walking into the VFW to see you service rep and asking “How’s my Heeler coming?” Chances are they’ll rename them into an intelligent-sounding acronym.

Pickles whelped 2/15/2019

We’ll talk about these interesting subjects, my new dog and more tomorrow. Imagine being able to jump from the RO denial to a BVA NOD. Better yet, imagine jumping from a BVA denial back into the Supplemental Review Lane and grabbing a SME IMO and managing to keep the same effective date? Is this crazy or what? I’m sure their Honors at the CAVC are praying Vets do so.

Enjoy life as best you can until tomorrow afternoon, kids.

The Call in Number is still the same

347-237-4819 (push #1 to talk)


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