Veterans’ Day, Centenary of WWI 1918-2018

U. S Embassy Twitter -Click

Image: Vimy Foundation, Canada Click image to go to their Twitter

BBC article-Click

A melange of resources:

UK Royal British Legion–Poppy Legion Twitter (Link)–They went all out. 

White House Twitter (Link)

Battle of Belleau Wood Wikipedia (1–26 June 1918) (Link)

White House Flickr photos (Link)

VA Twitter (Link)

It’s a big weekend in France and while mainstream journalists are busy putting their tedious political spins on the events, we think about other things.

From U.S. Embassy French Twitter

” …Over 68,000 U.S. service members are buried or memorialized at American cemeteries in France.

Aujourd’hui au Cimetière américain de Suresnes, le président Trump a rendu hommage au sacrifice accompli par nos militaires. Les cimetières américains en France conservent les tombes ou la mémoire de plus de 68 000 militaires américains.

From BBC

“…Armistice Day takes place on 11 November each year and marks the end of the First World War. It is a day of commemoration, an occasion to remember the some 8.5 million soldiers who died across the world during the 1914–18 war – as well as those lost in the conflicts that followed.”

Younger Veterans, welcome home and enjoy your day.


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2 Responses to Veterans’ Day, Centenary of WWI 1918-2018

  1. Kiedove says:

    Karen, thanks for your comment. For me, the news media (paper, online, cable, internet-only, movie-makers) are all singing the same song because they are part of conglomerates owned by billionaires, who use them as yet another way to manipulate and own our elected representatives and all of us. So if you want a different point of view you have to hunt. In terms of the Trumpster, we all know that he’s a big mouth etc…he is who he is. He was elected to stir thing up and he has. Do we have to see him ridiculed constantly? Can they not give a good idea, a reading?

    Example, I like many of the ACA reforms, but taxing people if they didn’t want to buy a policy, the mandate, was a bad idea.
    It’s gone. I have Medicare with Part D. If I fail to buy Part D, I’ll be fined about $35 a month. That’s another mandate, brought to us by the Rs and Ds, owned by the Big Pharm. It’s a scam–get rid of it. Some of my meds are cheaper at retail or with a RX discount card. But no, I have to pay a premium, a $400 +/- deductible, and a co-pay. The government also pays the drug plan insurance companies money every month for my meds. Total rip-off. (Frank knows more about this–I’ll have to look for some articles he’s sent me and post!)

    With the Wapost & NYT and others, all news about the Trumps is to highlight their tweet typos, clothing, their silly mistakes? At least they have left their young son alone. And then there are all the social media bots which are nothing more that computer programs, muddying up the works!
    I grew up with the daily NYT and still love every section except the political one. Although it always had a strong liberal slant, it was never tabloid-y. Headlines conveyed actual news, and weren’t just click bait. One didn’t have to agree but the reporting was more balanced and therefore could be respected. It was opinionated, reasoned, and not just trash talk. The tone was dignified.

    The major news outlets today, owned by about 6 massive companies, are all about social control, social moral degradation, keeping everyone stirred up so we don’t notice how the money bags run the country. My hope–3rd parties, 4th parties, Independents. Two parties, too corrupt.
    We’ve got big trouble with just two major company-owned parties running the country.

  2. Karen s says:

    Some think of tedious spins, others are reminded of obvious truths.

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