Grand Opening: National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Ohio


Screenshot of NVMM website

Perhaps this is an opportunity.  I’m not ready to give up the jetgun the Grahams gifted me to loan to a museum because I have plans to show it to influencers when I’m truly well and ready.  It is museum-quality and part of our visual culture.  

An exhibit about blood-borne disease epidemics (and deaths) among veterans should be developed with the jetgun (jet injector) a part of it.  Agent Orange (AO) is a likely covered health topic.


October 27, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio

“With nearly 21 million living veterans throughout the United States, from our Greatest Generation to our recent heroes coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq, the time for America to remember and to honor its veterans is now.

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum (NVMM) is neither a war memorial nor a military branch of
service museum. NVMM will take visitors on a narrative journey telling individual stories and shared
experiences of veterans throughout history. It will pay tribute to the sacrifices of servicemen and women and
their families. 

This project was originally going to be an Ohio Veteran Memorial and Museum but is now going to cover the nation.  The VA has NO control over this project and if we were actually able to install a permanent jet injector/jet gun exhibit, VA could do little to stop it unless they paid the NVMM to refuse it by giving a big donation.  That would scream “BRIBE!”


“General Colin Powell (U.S. Army, Retired) will deliver the keynote address. The public is encouraged to attend the dedication to celebrate the opening of this historic institution.”  To receive up to four free tickets, RSVP

The photos on the museum website can’t be used without permission so you can check out their gallery.

The Gold Star family–2 minute video.

If you think  jet injectors and other unintended medical mistakes should be part of this museum’s educational content, let us know which are the most significant.

Amerasian children left in Asian countries are also an important story.  Some of these adult children are seeking and finding their American veterans biological fathers with DNA and genealogy searches.

If anyone near Columbus can visit the museum, give us your review!

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