We’re going to have a radio show with John and Jerrell tomorrow @ 1630 Hrs on the Left Coast which is almost always 1900 Hrs back on the East Coast. I would have done it last week but I had a VLJ Hearing in Seattle last Friday and was busy preparing for it.

We’ll discuss VA’s propensity to disremember to tell you about suddenly finding your Service Air Evac records to CONUS recently associated with your claims file on _____ of 19__  or 20__and how that just might be a due process violation by depriving you of some serious pocket change based on §3.156(c)(1)(i)(ii),(3),(4) and how it tends to seriously impact your bank account. Shucks. I’ll even tell you how to spot them in the VBMS or your claims file.

Or, we’ll talk about how I’ve found four of these staring me right in the eye in VBMS with little or no attempt to even camouflage the introduction of those STRs/SMRs. No one can deny VA isn’t transparent after this.

Or, we could talk about why I never will do another Videoconference Hearing even if it means flying to San Juan Puerto Rico or Manila for my client the next time. As it is, I have two Travel Board Hearings back-to back on 9/19 and 9/20 at the Seattle Puzzle Palace coming up. I wonder how that’s going to play out when I show up on the 20th and the VLJ says “What the hey? You again?”

We can even talk about my ILP Extraordinary Writ (#18-938) which is now at day 92 and counting since the last rebuttal filing on May 29th. Remember, it takes a Panel to grant an ER and about six months to schedule oral arguments ad nauseum.

That will be a first for me and maybe even the Judge. God, I hope I don’t draw Marcus ‘Hang ’em High”Hinden. That’s like five miles of bad judicial road. Twice is two times too many. That’s worse than drawing Kasold and going 0/4 at the Court. We don’t get no respect. I drew VLJ Vito Clementi the last time. As Justice Emeritus around 810 Vermin Ave. NW, he ought to be able to pick and choose his Travel Board vacations. I get along with him like peaches and creme. And best of all, he’s a Veteran too.

Come join us at our usual all-about-VA chat

Be there or be square.

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2 Responses to HADIT.COM RADIO SHOW THURSDAY 8/30/2018

  1. Alex! Could you comment regarding the various types of Remand/s that the CAVC hands down? I’m speaking of; vacated and remanded. affirmed, vacated and remanded, set aside, remanded and Affirmed, and then remands after Stay of Proceedings??? Oh, lastly the Reversal and remanded as well. Many thanks!

  2. Michael Oliver says:

    Enjoyed your generous effort on a great program Alex!

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