img_0220This is what happens when you truthfully answer who you voted for. And it wasn’t the one who won the popular vote, either. Politically incorrect speech is still a new concept to Snowflakes so you may want to take a more considered approach and just flash a delightful, knowing smile in lieu of some sarcastic snappy answer. 

Naw. Just kidding. My horse Kona whacked me in the face with his head Wednesday morning because I wouldn’t give him any more cookies. Cupcake showed up home and was horrified for a moment wondering who had  sucker punched me. I didn’t know I had it because it wasn’t there when I brushed my teeth that morning. It’s a daisy. Maybe this would be a good time to file for PTSD and use the picture as evidence I can’t control my temper.

Of note, too, is this is the first shiner I’ve ever received where no alcohol was involved and it wasn’t over a woman.

Here’ the 1465 Lb. disgruntled voter that bushwhacked me:


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5 Responses to WHO’D YOU VOTE FOR?

  1. Kiedove says:

    Ouch. Please don’t turn Kona into dog food. Horsies need the full measure of treats they’re accustomed to.

  2. Karen s says:

    Not a good time for political jokes when VA claims has a hiring freeze and overtime is withdrawn. So my friends who work there tell me. I love snowflakes,

  3. If you want to try to conceal a shiner, Dermablend is the only stuff I’ve ever found that works. Don’t ask how I know that…

  4. exposedvet says:

    I bet you had it a coming..next time give a apple…lol

  5. mark says:

    is a Improvement

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