downloadI love these stories. Either the same crooks came back to get all the goodies they spotted the first time (greed) or they had the ungodly bad luck to pick the same house that had recently been burglarized. Either way, breaking into a Veteran’s house, and, God forbid, a Marine’s house of all the houses you could choose, is a dicey undertaking under the best of circumstances. Grand theft auto? Much safer. For everything else there’s Mossberg. 


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3 Responses to MARINES 5-BAD GUYS 0

  1. John King says:

    00 Buckshot is the obvious choice for home invasion. However, if the Marine had a good alarm system it may not have been necessary. He had the absolute right to do what he did by shooting the intruder. If you are not going to get a good alarm system installed then you need to train your wife, or non-vet husband, and kids to shoot to kill. My wife believes you can shoot to wound. This is why I have security cameras, motion detectors, and high tech alarm in place. If you are at home alone you should arm your alarm. Friend of a friend in my neighborhood was broken into recently and lost guns, computer, etc. He and his family were gone and no alarm. That Mossburg does look Bad. I have heard it said that racking a pump shotgun is scary sound to a crook. It also means your shotgun was not loaded. What does that Mossburg cost…..around $800? I am not a security expert but there are so many things you can do to make your house a harder target for crooks. I see so many with these privacy fences, bushes blocking windows and trees and other stuff blocking views to the street. If you don’t have a Pit Bull behind the privacy fence you are asking for trouble. Most break-ins are during the day. Really crazy people break-in at night. That is when the Mossburg really is handy.

    • asknod says:

      Actually, I think the NRA Benefactor member sticker on my address is a bit of an overkill.With an indoor pistol range. a 125 yd. rifle range in the lower pasture and a trap-shooting area in the upper, a burglar would have to have his head examined to come here. I can’t speak for my neighbors, of course.

  2. Charlie says:

    Outstanding work! But what kind of shot was this Marine veteran using in those shotgun shells. The burglar should have been dropped right there for good in his tracks.

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