download (1)Our exalted VA Office of Imposter Gadget is on a virtual full-time news feed trying in desperation to release heretofore unknown records on all manner of subjects that were there for the asking but were never summoned forth for further investigation earlier. Whether buried for aeons or purposefully mislaid, apparently  OIG feels that if you (Congress) do not ask for records of misfeasance (which you are unaware of) then they cannot be the whipping boy for your failure to vocalize requests. 

With this sure piece of logic, you could see a city police force continue to collect evidence of crime, burglaries, holdups, rapes etc. year-in and year-out and never make an arrest. When the city prosecutor and the mayor finally came over and said “What gives? Are we crime -free or is there a problem?” , the answer can’t be “Well, you didn’t tell us what you wanted us to do with all this evidence. We didn’t know we were supposed to come tell you.”

This is the new, refined mea culpa cultivated by Acting Poobahs Harris and Linda Halliday. Set up the Press Podium out in front of the OIG offices at 810 Vermin Ave. NW and man them  24/7 with a cohort of constant talking heads reciting all the things into the record that should have been a matter of record up on the Hill years ago.

We Veterans are approaching a ludicrous level of disbelief at VACO’s antics. The brazen chutzpah of decades of audacity and unbridled, corrupt power are slowly coming to light. The “splendid isolation” Senator Alan Cranston derided in 1988 is even now undergoing yet a new iteration-one where nobody wants to have their picture taken with the principles involved. You know you’re in trouble at VACO when your name is a household  noun-turned-verb to speed things up-as in “to Eskinazi that five year-old appeal”. When your pet names for docket misfeasance  such as “rocket docket it” are bandied about on Capitol Hill by whistleblowers like former Acting Veterans Law Judge Kelli Kordich, you know it’s time to move on.  We heard Kelli was promoted to  staff attorney for life in charge of the basement ladies rooms at the BVA, Too bad. She has a a good legal mind. BVA’s philosophy is cut and dried at the secretive outfit- Sic Semper whistleblowers. VAOIG holds similar sentiments but inexplicably delivers the detractors to their bosses like pheasant under glass at the restaurant.


Keeping this in mind, Linda Halliday, Assistant Inspector General in charge of Orlando HR Junkets  and Karaoke rentals (who incidentally subscribes to a live feed of my blog here) just inveighed on Philadelphia’s Freedom Bell Regional Office today and the constant drumbeat of warnings that were issued sotto voce from the highest point in Death Valley October 3rd. October 3rd? What happened? Did they have to run it by the censors and old Farmer Mcdonald first? 

We are gentlemanly inclined to give our new VA secretary Robert “Call me Bob” McDonald a month’s grace to see what moral fibre he consists of. By all appearances, his early offers for us to call him are being selectively answered. If your name is well known and on their rolodex, like Bruce Almighty McCartney down in Midway, Georgia,  you probably won’t get the call back. Similarly, once they see they are in a punji stick jungle as some of you have reported, the milk of human kindness runneth out and the big chill ensues. This was what I encountered. Again, I’ll give him thirty days to chew on my VA 9.  If by then they don’t want to play house, well, that’s okay too. I’m ready to saddle up for another trip to DC and have my Ulysses S. Grant coupon ready.





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