Grand Poobahs Jeff Miller and Col. Sanders

Grand Poobahs Jeff Miller and Col. Sanders

Here’s a great article on who knew what, what they knew and when they knew it. Seems VA has been peeing on our collective leg and telling us it’s been raining since 2005. I can’t wait for the rotten watermelon over at the VBA to split wide open. This is actually the best time in the history of being a Vet to get traction and a voice in your claims process. My advice? Call Bob pronto. 513-509-8454

As Obama & Co. are fond of saying “Hell, we didn’t know. Nobody told us. We just found out after reading the newspaper. We were in the dark just like you. I didn’t get the email.” Now you can make sure they are in constructive possession of this info by emailing/calling SECVA McDonald. Remember, were it not for a) a paper trail and b) whistleblowers repeatedly coming forward at risk of losing their jobs and financial loss, we’d still be in the dark on the Phoenix scheduling fiasco. As for the Inspector Gadget krewe, we now know that if you baffle us with bullshit in the form of a 43-page report on how they were unable to categorically substantiate that someone was deliberately cooking the books, you can assume they are covering up untold numbers of other mis/malfeasance issues. This is what concerns me more. Just how much has been covered up? Who benefited is the other burning question. Well, beside Sharon Helman and a cast of thousands.

As Bruce Almighty in Midway, Georgia says -WGBTA-We’re Gonna Burn their Asses. I threw one of the first rocks through SECVA McDonald’s living room window with my 20+ year lament last Wednesday. It appears to be working.I think our day in the sun has finally come.

Win or Die VA


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  1. Clear Left says:

    Guess when you broke the window they replaced it with plywood instead of glass. Called Bobby on Monday and again on Thursday…. Hello Hello is anybody there???

  2. Kiedove says:

    Just to put two reports links in one place–

    Click to access VAOIG-04-02887-169.pdf

    Click to access VAOIG-07-00616-199.pdf

    Nice reports with no consequences yet. Nice bonuses for those responsible.

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