imagesVA yesterday awarded a contract to MITRE Corp. for an assessment of the hospital care, medical services and other health care processes in VA medical facilities throughout the fruited plain. For those of you in California-relax. That includes you and you don’t have to opt in.

Rumor has it VA Middle management are sharpening their pencils and brushing up their resumes. MITRE spokesman Dr. Robert M. Petzel indicated they will welcome former VA executives of all walks in an attempt to take advantage of their intimate knowledge of how VA works.

Here’s the skinny on MITRE– reputed to be a quasi-Not for Profit Corporation. No. Just kidding. MITRE is undoubtedly a NFP that quacks like a for profit. They just exude the cache of respectability and an aura of infallibility. As long as they don’t hire Sharon Helman, we’ll assume they are trustworthy. I think Kelli Kordach as their HR director would give them a lot of respectability right out of the chute. Keep your fingers crossed.

VAOIGTrue independence in this audit is going to suffer a lot of disbelief if VAOIG’s  Robert Griffin is seen hanging around an inordinate amount of time begging to look at the first drafts in hopes of nipping anything that cannot be substantiated before publication. Perhaps someone at MITRE should put out a BOLO on him and his colleagues.

I don’t think VA middle-of-the-earth poohbahs get it. Old McDonald owns the farm now and he isn’t going to fall down Allison in Wonderland Hickey’s Eei-Eei-Ooh! hole and buy a bunch of hooey about 125 days and 98% accuracy. He’s gonna wanna see this white rabbit in person-not on some magic paper with supportive statistics showing everyone lived happily ever after. Shinseki made the mistake of taking his underling’s word for it. That’s a weakness of Generals. The big dogs from Proctor and Gamble don’t take your word for it. They trust but verify.

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  1. Clear Left says:

    Just a thought or two about Mudbone’s reply, MITRE, and WWP. Not knowing much about MITRE, i’ll trust Mudbone’s assessment. BUT – If you recall the Wounded Warrior Project founders conceived and put in operation WWP as a NFP. We all know what happened following the coup and the appointment of some high vis Board of Directors (See Anthony Principi former VA Secy) Recently when asked about the Post 9/11 – Pre 9/11 discrimination the WWP is so proud of Principi flew like a dove during hunting season.
    Now VA Under-secy Petzel (FIRED NOT RETIRED) joins MITRE as spokesperson and proclaims opens arms for all former (FIRED NOT RETIRED +) VA executives due to their ‘intimate knowledge of VA. Does that mean they already know how to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, and SUBVERT so the learning curve is nothing but a flat line, So ‘come on down’.
    At one time I had a fox get in my henhouse – and the aftermath wasn’t a pretty sight.
    MITRE look how WWP was plucked and be forewarned you may have unknowing made a deal with the devil.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. Mudbone says:

    Yo Buckwheat,

    MITRE is a highly respected entity and has been performing magic (public good) since the late 1950’s. HQ is located in McLean, VA and also Bedford, Mass.

    President Eisenhower recognized warfare with nukes was serious business. There are no consolation prizes for second place finishers. While I always enjoy singing God Bless America, Ike made sure we had a backup plan for God to Bless America in case the Lord took a snoozer. MITRE was created from the best and brightest minds at MIT. I’ve always considered them the original “Dream Team”. A key to our success in the Cold War was the result of superior R&D (public good) conceived by engineers at MITRE.

    Among the many developments these guys can take credit for is the concept of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I). When serious problem solving bacomes a formal project and its turned over to MITRE, there is no such thing as issuing a RFP or conducting competitive bids. I believe this has something to do with the notion of “public good.”

    While MITRE is certainly a Not For Profit corporation (NFP), this is merely window dressing. What is significant is that this group is one of the elite FFRDC’s (Federally Funded Research and Development Center).

    Putting MITRE in the same paragraph as the Wounded Warrior Project may require clarification for your readers. MITRE makes contributions that strenghen our nation. WWP makes fucking blankets, smoke and mirrors!

    While both of these organizations may be NFP’s, that’s about the only thing they have in common. What we have here is an example of Givers and Takers. One group contributes to society (public good) while the other group takes contributions from society for personal gain. (public hoods).

    Do you think Trace Adkins has any idea he’s part of a hustle devised by hucksters and swindlers? If he could pull back the curtain he might recognize he’s endorsing the Wizard of OZ.

    Ain’t no magic coming from WWP just illusions by posers to generating personal wealth. In one of WWP’s commercials Trace sings, “Say a prayer for peace.” It might be more approprite for him to sing, “Say a prayer to fleece.”

    I’m a believer in the concept of Peace through Strength. MITRE delivers.


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