download (3)I think Rep. Jeff Miller finally hit it on the head. All these entrepreneurs at VAMCs around the country did not all wake up one day and simultaneously concoct the idea to cook the books on the scheduling imbroglio. Face it. They simply don’t have the intelligence to do so. Therefore, the impetus for all this had to emanate from the VA’s Central Office– to wit: the higher ups in the VHA. I suspect if you poke and dig a little, a Kelli Kordach whistleblower will emerge with all the goods and the dirt on who was naughty. This thing is unraveling faster than a cheap Chinese Wal Mart Sweater after one washing.

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  1. Karen S. says:

    Not all employees are incompetent and not all VAMCs are substandard. Guess hubby and I are just plain lucky. VA Administration is another story.

  2. hepper74 says:

    And once the dust settles what will be the end result? Same ole stuff/different day. The bloated carcass, DVA, will remain as is and still stink in all manner.

  3. asknod says:

    Vets and Americans need to realize that VA employees are incompetent and unable to make decisions without adult supervision. The VAMC Poohbahs like Sharon Helman would no more go out on the little branches without firm support from VACO than take a stroll through quicksand. This is one reason they hesitate to give her the Huey High Jump from 500 feet. If she talks to Jeff Miller and his merry band, this is going to ” severely impact VA” as the newsies like to say. Ronbo McDonald is golden-he can always say the shit hit before he got to the LZ.

  4. Sue Stinnett says:

    You can only sweep dirt under a rug so long. Eventually it gets so high that even the tallest person can see the rug is up in the air and all the trash is holding it up.

  5. John King says:

    We get this grossly substandard care from the VA, and most of us just accept it. I have the good fortune to have my own good insurance, so I don’t need the VA. However, the government and peopole of the USA lie to me by telling me I have access to first rate care at the VA when I am treated like dirt. No matter what happens I don’t think I will get great, good or even acceptable care from the VA Hospital. I got my copy of the DAV Magazine today. The National Commander states that us vets just love the VA, and none of us want access to the private health care system like Medicare. I would be happy just with the VA being my medigap payer and paying for my medications. My wife who gets ChampVA gets a better deal than I do. If I want to die on clean or semi-clean sheets this is what the VA will provide me. What a great deal for 100% vet.

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