Mr. Clemons

Mark Twain never had to deal with the VA. Had he been forced to, I’m sure there would have been a rich, unembroidered story to go with it. This tasty little lie from Maple syrup Frank in the last bastion of 2nd Amendment sanity-Vermont.

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  1. steve says:

    I bet none of that poor veterans will ever want to serve, and rightfully so, after they saw what the VA did to thier father. The next major conflict will likely be a drafted army. Nobody want to go put thier lives on the line, then come back and get shit on.

  2. hepper74 says:

    Give em more of those pretty pills. BUT be sure and have an attendant carry the bags of pills to their car, truck or shopping cart so as to prevent the Veteran from claiming back issues which might be construed as SR problem. Again we see the end result of too many chiefs and too few Indians.

  3. This is still part of VA’s coverup to make Executives look good. Its similar to the coverup just exposed, where VA execs were touting that they had reduced Veterans wait times to get an appointment, when they really did the opposite, and falsified the numbers. When that coverup was finally revealed, the result was Mr. Shinseki’s resignation. You would think these VA execs would come clean and fess up the real numbers, but the problem is these VA execs are experienced liars and rarely do career criminals change and travel the straight and narrow. There is no incentive for VA execs to come clean…they have been enjoying bonuses and immunity from prosecution under the protective cloak of VA’s non accountabliity. Its time we quit letting the fox guard the henhouse.

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