AOMQRQVzSy6ljHuYzLad_CAREEven with the dog days of August, I marvel that you loyal fans still take time to make sure we are armed and dangerous with the latest humor to fend off the depression associated with Hepatitis C. Few know or intuit that the disease and medications are horribly corrosive and detrimental to sane folks. Interferon can chip away at the foundation and leaves a shell of our former selves. Many fall into a funk that even the best humor cannot dispel. This is why I add these vignettes in between what some might consider droll legal humor. 

And then there’s me-born on April Fool’s and infused with insane humor. My rainmaker, Law Bob Squarepants, is convinced I’m crazy as the shithouse rat. I take that as a subtle compliment. All the Interferon ever produced would not impair my ability to enjoy humor or to create it for others’ enjoyment. Fortunately, I also have you elves out scouring Middle Earth as well to fill the coffers. With all that verbiage out of the way, let us examine the month’s haul. My cousin Denise in Idaho is especially prolific. I’m not sure if that’s due to her locale or her persona but it is a rich vein nevertheless.






Something tells this feller he ain’t in Kansas anymore. 

I heard last night from several of you that the Commander in Chief bombed out at the American Legion Convention in North Carolina Tuesday night. Apparently his best jokes couldn’t even get a good laugh or any protracted applause. He should realize that it’s difficult to find humor in waiting five years for an appointment at at a VA hospital. We recommend he hire Sharon Helman of recent VAMC Phoenix fame for a speech writer. She’s quite an accomplished policy wizard and just itching to rise from the ashes and soar again. Can it be that all us stupid, illiterate Veterans are finally seeing through this thin veil of obflustication? Well, hey. If those fellers with the funny hats down in Charlotte are pissed off, just imagine where that puts really intelligent folks like you and me on the “we’re mad as hell and we aren’t gonna take it anymore” meter…


Woefully underimpressed Vets with funny hats


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  1. Clear Left says:

    Is that former VA Scty tony principi sitting there with the VFW crew, let me get my glasses? Nope couldn’t be him cause he’s at a WWP Board mtg trying to figure out how to stab some more wounded warriors in the back.

  2. Ben Quick says:


    I can’t for the life of me find your email address or I’d shoot you off a quick note. You have accumulated a treasure trove of important info–particularly about AO, etc in Laos. My dad was an E5 traipsing around Tay Ninh Province and Cambodia in 1970. He was exposed. I was born with some problems. The short of it is I’ve been working on a book that started with this article I wrote back in 2008. The piece stirred up trouble for the USAF and cost me professionally in ways I can tell you about if you don’t mind rapping on the phone for a bit. I’ve been to VN. Now, I’m heading to Laos in a couple weeks to poke around and see what I can find. I’d love to pick your brain on some specific defoliation sites and more. My # is 520-250-0799. My email is

    Any help would be awesome.
    Many thanks,
    Ben Quick

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