Just cleared 10′ tall this AM

Corn is interesting. The more sun you give it, the taller it gets. Ditto on the water and fertilizer. However, this year, something is afoot. I vote global warming and I like it. Last year I blamed the good fortune on chemtrails but they haven’t been spraying 3,000 miles to the west of me over the Pacific Ocean this summer. I calculated that based on the prevailing winds and my new chemtrail spray aircraft finder


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  1. Susan Stinnett says:

    wow you definitely have a green thumb.Wish I had some of them here!

  2. WGM says:

    Well done Mr. Greenjeans Johnny Apple Seed Pied Piper.

  3. Mark says:

    I think You are feeding them Sovaldi, or your Pissing on your crops.

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