kpvI apologize for my absence. I have been birthdaying, April Fooling, and repotting over one hundred-odd tomato plants. In addition, I have been selling them to benefit our local, non-aligned Veterans Services Organization- KPVeterans– or Key Peninsula Vets as we are known. Apparently, in 2003 the ‘progressives’ had a parting of the ways with some of the original founders and the outcome was that the VFW arm of the organization moved into the metropolis of Gig Harbor along with their affiliation to the National Organization.

This is all well and fine with me as I have no love for the Big Six or any of their 40 other offshoots. If they ever decide to teach VA law to their service representatives, my opinion might change. Until then, I’m as happy as a boll weevil buried in a big chunk of cotton. Helping Veterans is my passion. Keeping the contributions local is paramount. This is, after all, where the disadvantaged Vets are. I know some feel the hierarchy in DC are liquor-deprived and suffer financially from paltry, six-figure salaries but I just can’t see how a homeless Vet in Key Center, Washington is somehow subservient to the interests of the bigwigs of the National Organization. We’ve lost sight of our objectives when we groupthink like this. We know better than to succumb to the boilerplate  “Send us the $ and we’ll take care of it. No need to bother yourself with the minutiae of donations distribution”.

My April Fooling will have to wait until I get the movie Mark made. I’ll have my daughter put it up on utube so we can see it live.  Here’s a taste of our shenanigans on the First of April-that oh so Holy of Holy days for pranks…

the asknod krewe at the local Starbucks

Moving right along, here was the tomato round up for Vets…

2014-04-03 09.44.062014-04-04 15.08.482014-04-04 15.08.31

My most recent correspondence with the VA about my Independence in Everyday Living Program (ILP) reveals that the dog ate the homework. You have to hand it to them. They tried diligently to bury the request by sending it back to DC to be included in my claim for the 1994 CAVC appeal. The BVA Judge dutifully noted it’s presence in my folder and properly remanded it back to Seattle where it belonged in November 2012 but it sat in DC for a year with the appeal. Seems these folks need to go back to adjudication skool.  After several recent promises to contact me about the status of my claim (grant?), I received assurances on March 11th that the decision was just two short weeks away. And then my counselor’s close family members began falling like flies. I take that to mean that VA only has one VR&E Officer assigned to Vocational Rehab in Seattle or that everyone was on Spring Break in Florida. My pet theory was that they had reservations about staying at sea level after the Chile earthquake/potential tsunami and opted to move the Seattle RO (or at least the VR&E folks) inland a safe distance to Fort Harrison, Montana’s RO. Regardless, they at least had the decency to lie adroitly.

va iris

Put your cursor on the above and  left click on it. I don’t expect you to buy a magnifying glass or a jeweler’s loupe. So here is the quandary. Do I send a note of condolence to the Voc Rehab dude? If so, which one? All these queshuns and no answers.

And lastly, no, I still do not have the magic drug Sovaldi. VA has informed me that if I mind my Ps and Qs, that by May of next year I may be eligible for it. You have to go through the triage game first. They demand a butt tractor (colonoscopy) to see what’s up as well as a endoscopy from the other end to see why I have spider angiomas on my chest. Geez, you reckon it has anything to do with Stage 4 cirrhosis/portal gastropathy? Medicare and the new “affordable” Care Act have informed me that I must pay $3,000.00 a month copay for the drug. I hit the donut hole rather sooner than most and the third, forth and fifth month will require a $9,000.00 copay. Welcome to Obamacare, folks. For most, the cost of medicine will go down. For all the rest, there’s Mastercard.

Without playing the political card, I found these (cheap) on Amazon. For the uninitiated, they are campaign posters for the ACA. They also can be used a bathroom tissue or sanitary wipes. Obamacare. Boldly going nowhere at lightspeed.


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  1. Kiedove says:

    Aarp recommends checking with the Canadian international pharmacy association. . Cheaper legal meds and more generics are available.

  2. david j murphy says:

    LMAO on your “posters”

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