downloadFrom our illustrious members Paul and Leigh, awaiting their turn at the wheels of justice, comes this too-cool-for-school app. Always wondered what was up there at 33,000 leaving the contrails over your house? Wonder no more folks. We now have the definitive radar detector complete with transponder decoding. If Malaysian Flight 370 had been going over and hadn’t turned off his Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) beacon, you’d get an ident. code of MAL370 with further info on type of A/C, heading, and airspeed. Shoot, it probably even gives the tail number.

Now, relax. There’s no such thing as chemtrails since we shut down  Operation Ranch Hand in Vietnam back in 71. That’s not to say we got rid of Agent Orange. It’s just that the military doesn’t fly around doing it anymore. I can’t speak for all the Big Agricultural outfits but I’ve been around the AF for 40 years. You can’t have a viable tanker for refueling when it’s hauling rice killer around.

Funny thing is you’d expect an AF type to find this app. Paul’s a Marine. He probably wanted to go AF but the recruiter talked him into the Semper Fi thing.

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