Tomatoes 2014It’s that magic time of the year again. Flowers are poppin’ and spring is springin’. Cupcake said I may have planted a few too many tomatoes. I’m sure my three neighbors want some. Funny thing  is when you get them suckers up to about two feet in a gallon  potter, you’ve got more friends than Jennifer Aniston.

I went light this year with only ten flavors and 135 plants. Like Karen Carpenter said; You can never be too rich or too thin!” Tomatoes to me are like money. I donate them to Vets causes so I’ll be sure to qualify for my INDEPENDENT LIVING PROGRAM GREENHOUSE. Because it’s necessary and vital to my endeavor and I aspire to self-actualize and integrate with my community. All that from tomatoes.

2014 tomato farm2014 dining room We had a long freeze in late February that wiped out the lettuce. Don’t laugh, Bruce. I lost 75% near the outside walls.

2014 lettuce after freeze2014 lettuce 2Notice what happens when they move Daylight Savings time to an earlier date? It’s like New Hampshire insisting on being the first to hold their Presidential primary. If you move your date back, we flowers will just pop up and bloom sooner.

2014 spring2014 spring 22014 spring 3

And a fond farewell to my old friend Molly, this morning. A faithful wingman for over a decade.


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  1. Skywalker says:

    This looks wonderful. Since I was a kid, I’ve loved planting fresh tomatoes, with Marigolds around them of course for the aphids (this is providing I had a house with a garden to plant them in). The way they taste vs. store bought tomatoes is just a world of difference.

    And when we had tomatoes, I made fried green tomatoes regularly, and they were delicious. Just look up a recipe, I’m sure you have enough for it 🙂

  2. Tip of the Spear says:

    Got lemons…make lemonade…

    Wilted Lettuce Salad Recipe – – 52087‎
    Rating: 5 – ‎20 reviews – ‎15 mins – ‎110.9 calJan 24, 2003 – Sometimes simple is best. This is a wonderfully old fashioned salad that is very tasty and easy to prepare.

    1st just let 2 rows of lettuce get frostbite. then… well hell you can do whatever you want then.. maybe find a hungry Vet who likes wilted lettuce salad… course that would be justification for no ILP greeniehouse…taking the food out of a Vet’s mouth

    • Tip of the Spear says:

      course nobody over here eats wilted lettuce salad… Why you ask when it’s soooo Good?

      Can’t find frostbit lettuce…….

  3. SquidlyOne says:

    My condolences go out for Molly. It’s difficult to lose our best friend. She must have been feisty to tackle a rat that big!

    Beefsteak seeds at the ready!

  4. So…..just enough tomatoes for you and a couple neighbors???? After reading the “count” you published it looks like most of your neighborhood will be making salsa for several months this year…!! Sorry to hear about Molly….it’s tough to lose our four legged friends. No person can love you quite like your pets. My surrogate sis, (Brenda) lost her pug, “Ditto” last week. I got to watch my cat, “Boo” get bludgeoned to death last July. (The perpetrator got a slap on the hands from the judge)….but that’s Idaho. Anyway, cuz, have a great growing season and may all your tomatoes be happy tomatoes….:):):)
    As Always

  5. karen stern says:

    RIP Molly

  6. cdneh says:

    Sorry to hear about Molly :/

    I can’t think gardening here, we still have snow. But happy self-actualization to you!

  7. Mark says:

    Peace Out Molly

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