oig-sealVAOIG officials have redacted the investigation but it appears former Rep. Anthony Weiner, New York’s last, best hope for Governor (Mayor? Dog Catcher?), is out of the VA for now. In what appears to be a case of leading a double life, Weiner tried to ride two horses-or maybe three simultaneously. We have no confirmation he was the fellow busted on this but inside sources at the VA’s Central Office at 810 Yellowbrick Ave. NW in D.C. have confirmed it. What the hey. The sexting thing gave it away anyway. Sexting at work is sooooooooooo yesterday.

weiner1I haven’t seen anything this heavily redacted since I got the Air America Files back from my FOIA request in 2011. This looks like a zebra. Seems there were a lot of shenanigans afoot and VA is now busy sweeping up the broken glass. I always get a bang out of who gets the ax. Usually it’s the one least guilty like the secretary for not asking appropriate questions or filing out the proper forms documenting the illegitimate travel or booze buying.  In this case, they simply gave him his own travel card and carte blanche to travel whither he would. That included horse shows near Dulles which made some of those trips appear legitimate. Free access to the hotel room mini bar wasn’t the smartest idea though.

All in all, it only cost you and me, the taxpayers, about $30 K for the goodies. That doesn’t include base pay and frills. I’d think they should make him give that back by assigning him to the Fort Leavenworth Regional Office for several years as a Human Resources interface with some of the more intractable inmates.  They could have off-the-record, back-door meetings and face-to-face counseling.


It must have been some other body.

I guess it could have been worse. He didn’t have any security breaches of Veterans information so we have that going for us.


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  1. kyemo says:

    Hahahahahaha…… oh yeah, he’ll give the taxpayors money back hahahahah…… thanks for the chuckle. He should go to clown school so he can find work. All his friends are probably laughing too….. and the rest of the world……

  2. Bruce says:

    This man deserves a big fat bonus!!!!!

  3. karen stern says:

    I remember my unit bringing back Cuban cigars from Germany for the Chief of Staff to the Governor in the early 80s. His brother just happened to be a major NYC Mafia boss. Truth.

  4. mark says:

    Another one who was in the Israel Army, and is a holds Dual Papers, This Guy is the Worst of the Worst, He would sell us out for 30 Sliver Coins.

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