unnamedVA has finally released a picture of the new Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS) computer interface hookup at the Oakland Regional Office. Douglas Bragg, the director of the Oakland Veterans Service Center, pictured here in the ”clean room”, demonstrates how the computer drive is engaged on an actual pdf virtual claims file awaiting adjudication. In the appendix attached,  .pdf as defined by VA was “pretty damn funny” but this appears to be a misprint.

Note the handy tray-server modification for transfer to another location. Under Secretary for Benefits Allison Hickey recently confirmed the launch of the VBMS at all 56 Veterans Service Centers and noted that their IT fellows are just now working out the last of the bugs. VBMS is considered to be the Final Frontier in conquering the pesky claims backlog. There was no mention of which Veterans Service Center was still not connected as there are 57.

In keeping with VA raters’ wishes, the new computer files still resemble the same light-brown color of the original c-files as well as the same size and shape so as to ensure comfort and familiarity with them. Extensive testing proved that personnel were reluctant to let go of the “old look” and needed continuity of product. After a two year test of 18 Regional Offices, the change was instituted system-wide with a  proposed launch date of  January 1, 2015. VA promises to keep us informed of any updates.




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