Col. (Sen.) Sanders Okay With VA Bonuses

Col. Sanders after some of his hot and spicy.

Col. Sanders after some of
his hot and spicy wings.

Col. Sen. Sanders went on record with Stars and Stripes and had this to say on the subject:

“When people are doing a bad job we don’t want them staying in the job; when they do a good job we want to see them rewarded,” Sanders said. “I’m not going to tell you that’s always the case with the VA.”

When queried on all the recent malpractice, patients dying from hospital-administered overdoses, Legionnaires Disease and HCV infections caused by VA medical personnel,  the Colonel proffered this excuse:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent who chairs the Senate VA oversight committee and is one of the agency’s biggest allies on Capitol Hill, says most veterans are satisfied with VA care. “If you do an investigation of any given [civilian] hospital on any given day you’re going to see negative things coming out,” The Wall Street Journal reported Sanders as saying.

Yeppers. It’s just that we seem to see and hear about a shitpile more medical misadventures at VAMCs than at other medical centers per 100,000 patients. It’s fairly obvious where this fellow sits if he can speak for me and say “most Veterans are satisfied with VA care.” He doesn’t get out much to VA parking lots.  This morning at the American Lake VAMC in Lakewood, Washington (the other Washington), I witnessed a Veteran holding on to the front of his truck loudly explaining to it just how satisfied he wasn’t with something. Funny how I never see this at regular hospitals. I don’t need to add my two cents in and pile on.

When the political yo-yos in the Senate who hold the financial keys to the VA’s budget are quite satisfied with the status quo of bonuses, it speaks volumes about how entitlement works. Bonuses- be they for low handicaps over at the Andrews course or for accidentally killing off  fewer Veterans than statistically projected within their VISNs- can never be justified in the bright light of the instant, dismal performance. If it were just a momentary glitch and the backlog had begun recently, I’m sure Congressman Miller would not be so quick or vocal to express his displeasure. I’ve personally witnessed the same pathetic system slow down like a computer with 150 viruses to a virtual crawl over four decades. Trying to continue this bonus ruse in the modern, internet-connected universe is a fool’s errand. As Miller stated, the only ones who think they deserve a raise are the ones getting one and the people awarding them. The best line was the one where the employees who stand to get the bonuses opined via their professional mouthpieces that this would cause a mass exodus to the doors by upper management. Jesus Father Christ. What , exactly, did you expect them to say? “It’s time for us sinners to do penance, don sackcloth and forego our bonuses till backlog do us part.”?

This dog chasing his bonus thing is self-perpetuating as in:

Tom:  “Bob, if we give a bonus to Jim for marginalizing all those VR&E Vets, then we’d have to give one to Ralph for cooking the books on the homeless figures-oh- and his secretary Delores ’cause she was in on it, too.”

Bob: “Good point, Tom. I think I’ll put you in for one, too. What’s our tee time?”

We don’t do political so I will end with the thought that it could just as well have been a republicrat. It makes no difference what party but what creed they espouse. It’s a little unsettling to hear him brag about it though.


Yeppers. We love the VA. Mo’ bonuses!

But wait.  This just in from the Tip Of The Spear In Georgia (Mac). Eric Shinseki’s list of who’s been nice. I’m guessing there is no “who’s been naughty” one.

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4 Responses to Col. (Sen.) Sanders Okay With VA Bonuses

  1. mikey says:

    The only way the system will change is if every Federal employee must use the same VA hospitals we have to use. I guarantee you if their butzs are getting the same medical treatments as us, it will get a whole lot better or we all will be using the civilian medical system. If the VA system is good enough for us it’s good enough for the VBA/VHA/All Government employees!

  2. Bruce says:

    The justification for VA bonuses is ” we need bonuses to retain top talent” if the current management and SES at the VA are considered “top talent” then it must be time for a change. Never have I seen people being rewarded for piss poor performance… that in itself should trigger a alarm.

  3. rashid says:

    I want to let the veterans community know that the VA is going to discontinue their serious employment program on March 31, 2014. You need to get your claim in before the dead line.


  4. Jim says:

    Federal civilian employees since the Reagan years with three bogus merit pay increases each year, i.e, in grade step, COLA, and October social bonuses also with up-mobility haven’t stolen it all yet! The bigger “fish” self-nominating themselves for doing such a “great job” stealing for themselves to which has not been contracted out to be outsourced to cronies. Thank you Jezzzzus. Former VA Secretary Colonel Nicholson out in the forefront. Thank god Mr. Shinseki don’t need the money.

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