download (1)I have never donated to the DAV or any of the other 45 recognized VSOs chartered by Congress for the dubious task of helping Veterans with their claims. I have advertized nowhere or divulged to no one with my name formatted as I received it yesterday,

The Disabled American Veterans have sent me an invitation to become a life member. My name appears as it does at the VA  as in John E. Veteran. I have two middle names but go by my second name and sign my name with an initial first normally. My American Express Card is the only one printed like my signature  J. Extremely P. (roud) Veteran.

So what gives? Does DAV buy this list from VA? Is this how they backfill the loss of their bonuses? What’s the going rate? Two cents a name? Considering there’s only about 3.2 million of us, I think we’d be worth a quarter each. If old Arthur Wilson, Head of of DAV is knockin’ off $353, 519.00 per anum. I think it’s mighty cheeky of them to be calling disabled Vets who make 9% of that- if they’re totally disabled.

As my solicitation reads:

Remember Nod,

You’re one of us.  And we must stick together…

all of us…just like we did in the Armed Forces!

It also directly alludes to the fact that I am service-connected. Isn’t that like a, a…HIPPA violation of our Obamacare rights? I don’t want every Tom, Dick and VFW knowing I’m disabled. They might start mailing me too. Eventually I’d have to get a bigger mailbox. It seems something is afoot when total strangers write me and tell me about myself -and they aren’t even relatives from Liberia trying to help get my inheritance money wired to me.

DAV lifetime membership. pdf

Can you sue a non profit for false advertising? Look at that last tagline at the very bottom in the box. “We have the best-trained, most skilled veterans’  benefits experts in the United States.” Sounds like a ten gallon hat on a five gallon head.


Well, there ya go, Pilgrim.

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  1. Robert Vaught says:

    I heard that! Couldn’t have said it better. It’s a nightmare dealing with the VA in itself. But add the DAV and it still seems you are alone. I have never laid eyes on this guy yet he has my entire life in a folder with a number on it. He can’t see just how ill I am. He doesn’t see me wobbling along on legs and feet that are wasted. I just cant understand how he can truly know exactly how I am.

  2. mark says:

    NO CLASS, on the Backs of us. That is a Coward to me, Screw Them, What gives THEM the Right to Call us, or contact us Get Ready for Obummer care it will be JUST LIKE THIS CRAP.

  3. Kiedove says:

    They might hire a big direct marketing firm and they can easily get ahold of your AmExpress info.
    To opt out, the Direct Marketing Association, the made trade group, may help. There are laws about this.
    Read this explanation:

  4. david j murphy says:

    No suprise, filed one request on a VA site 3 years ago for VA home loan. Still get swamped with mail and email to “use your bennies” they seem to know a am totally disabled.

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