downloadIn what looks like a straight up bill to curb bogus bonus awards to VA poohbahs who kill us, Congress is poised to go out and “fix” it. Just as they fixed health care for us, they are preparing to take another gigantic step backwards on VA fiduciaries.

As most know, we finally got a modicum of justice from VA after the Court struck down the practice of the VA summarily appointing any Tom, Dick or Harry with legal credentials as fiduciaries over mentally incompetent Veterans.  See The rub was that many of them were crooks and fleeced the poor Vets for years until being unmasked.

The problem with the new bill that is being proposed to curb ungodly bonuses also includes some dangerous language that will allow VA to reintroduce what Freeman took away.

It also gives reservists honorary “veteran” status if they serve for more than 20 years, allows veterans to access information about pending benefits claims, and allows the VA to appoint a fiduciary for veterans who are mentally incompetent to manage their finances.

That one little innocuous phrase is the cause for concern. No one in their right mind has a problem appointing fiduciaries for Vets in need of supervision. Most of us simply feel we should be involved in the process rather than a complete stranger who’s motives may be less than pure.

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  1. kyemo says:

    I cant say what I really want to say here. Just imagine me infuriated. Then pass the foil hat.

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