H.R. 2775: Veterans’ Committee members who voted for continuing the government shutdown last night


Know who your friends are

Of the original 11 Veterans’ House Committee members who voted for the shutdown/default, only 3 voted to reopen the government.  Two of the anti-vet votes were cast by veterans Jeff Denham and Brad Wenstrap.

On the U. S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, only Senator Dean Heller of Nevada cast an anti-veteran vote. 

The anti-veteran House Committee of Veterans’ Affairs member votes were cast by (data source): 

Chairman Jeff Miller FL-1st 

Jeff Denham–CA-10th

Doug Lamborn, CO-5th

Jackie Walorski, IN-2nd

Tim Huelskamp, KN-1st

Brad Wenstrap, OH- 1st

Phil Rose, TN-1st

Bill Flores, TX-17th

These nuts were in favor of delaying/stopping ALL VA beneficiaries’ payments (including GI Bill benefits) on November 1.  Sec. Shinseki’s recent testimony before them fell on deaf ears.  They will never have the backs of the most vulnerable vets, such as homeless vets, in any state, not even their own.  And as if living with HCV isn’t hard enough imagine living with HCV and homelessness.  According to this report, homeless veterans (2 years or less) have a 10.6% rate of HCV. If homeless for over 2 years, they have a 18% rate of HCV.  They’re doomed.  I hope that veterans will not give the individuals listed above (and their other like-minded comrades) a platform to use veterans so they can abuse them later.

Note:  This opinion is my own.

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10 Responses to H.R. 2775: Veterans’ Committee members who voted for continuing the government shutdown last night

  1. david j murphy says:

    Do you accept the possibility that these reps are voting on the premise of attempting to control govt spending. The ability to pay vets and SS is there. This is a ploy to scare the public and in your case it seems to be working. Note also my own opinion and you have every right to your’s SIR

    • Kiedove says:

      If they didn’t take lobbyists money and were also voting to end entitlements to farm interests, medical corporations, defense contractors, etc.., I, a frugal person, would–perhaps–think they were serious about reducing the debt.

      Today, I’m looking into why one branch of the Fed. gov., Medicare, must pay so MUCH more than the VA and DOD does for the EXACT same drugs–a disgrace AARP rails about. The VA and DOD are allowed to negotiate prices directly with the drug companies. Medicare isn’t. Meet one player: “…Former Rep. Tauzin received $11.6 million from PhRMA in 2010, making him the highest-paid health-law lobbyist law.”
      “While recovering from a fight with cancer, Tauzin resigned from Congress and began work as the head of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, or PhRMA, a powerful trade group for pharmaceutical companies. Five years later he announced his retirement from the association (as of the end of June 2010).[5]
      Two months before resigning as chair of the committee which oversees the drug industry, Tauzin had played a key role in shepherding through Congress the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill, a bill which had been criticized by opponents for being too generous to the pharmaceutical industry. The switch from regulator to lobbyist was widely noted.[6] (Wikipedia).

      Social security: I don’t know how this works: The FAQ gives a little info.
      “Tax income is deposited on a daily basis and is invested in “special-issue” securities. The cash exchanged for the securities goes into the general fund of the Treasury and is indistinguishable from other cash in the general fund.”
      Money flowing into the trust funds is invested in U. S. Government securities. Because the government spends this borrowed cash, some people see the trust fund assets as an accumulation of securities that the government will be unable to make good on in the future. Without legislation to restore long-range solvency of the trust funds, redemption of long-term securities prior to maturity would be necessary.

      Far from being “worthless IOUs,” the investments held by the trust funds are backed by the full faith and credit of the U. S. Government.”

      There were a crowd of representatives, the House deadbeats, who favored default, over paying US bills to veterans and everyone else. So the full faith and credit of the U. S. Government would become a joke and the Bank of China would be coming to collect what’s theirs. AARP research studies show that of every dollar going to a SSA recipient goes back into the economy. I assume it’s about the same for VA benefits. That’s why the government shutdown was quickly leading to an economic shutdown with global impacts. Joy, oh joy, We have a bunch of these nuts sitting on the House Committee of Veterans Affairs. I appreciate and respect your comments too.

  2. mark says:

    They work for the BANKERS

  3. Eric Elder says:

    Everyone of them is a Republican.

    • Kiedove says:

      Party doesn’t matter. A party doesn’t cast votes. Individuals with their own consciences.do. Money talks in DC. Individuals on both sides are well paid by PACS in and out of their districts. The nobodies have their votes but they waste them if they don’t know who is sympathetic to their concerns before they execute that right. Take each person on their own merits, not their party affiliation. I wish we had more choices, don’t you?

      • Kel says:

        Party doesn’t matter. LOL. ok… must be just a coincidence I guess. 😉

        • Kyle Workman says:

          Who would pay them to stop payments of any sort to Veteran’s? Whether in school or from disability.

          • Kiedove says:

            Kyke–This is THE GREAT question and one we need to find an answer to. Some of these members also serve on the Armed Services Committee. They take money from DOD manufacturers.

            A few research questions that might help us connect the dots.
            Who is buying their influence?.
            What ideas are driving their decisions?
            Are they members of a known faction?

            John Kline (a vet)voted for the shutdown the first time most likely because he takes heavy contributions from the heavy locale concentration of medical device manufacturers in Minneapolis. They don’t like the medical device tax. They’ve been paying the low 2.3% tax on imported and domestic devices since January–over a billion dollars into the IRS in only 6 months! So you see they aren’t hurting. Pretty much most who profit from medical industry have objected to ACA taxes/fees that come out of their profits. The medical device fee (on things like jet gun injectors, MRI machines, pacemakers etc..) will bring in 30 billion dollars over the next decade and is one income stream ACA is funded from. Other states will lots of medical device firms include Penn, and California. The CEOs belong to associations and participate in “fly ins” into DC (on their corporate jets) to meet with congressmen. These events and the medical establishments have multi-million dollar lobbying operations going full steam. They are big contributors to campaign chests. .

            By listening to the questions they ask during hearings (C-span) we may be able to glean their attitudes. Shinseki and Hickey may not be the best managers but I’ve changed my attitude about Shinseki when I realized that the VBA has been set up to fail by the House VA Committee. For the the camera, the members berate him–the perfect scapegoat. The shutdown so far has cost over 24 billion dollar. Fed. VA workers will get their back pay for not working on any VA claims.
            This latest bill is only a delay; The attack on veterans’ families isn’t over by a long shot..

        • Kiedove says:

          My point is that individuals are accountable first and foremost for the way they cast their votes. Each party has mavericks and moderates but not enough. I don’t see the country supporting third and fourth parties at this time so instead of these individuals hiding behind their party–I call them tribes, you might call them gangs–I’m calling them out as individuals. Each tribe has good people but it seems as if the House Veterans Committee has been loaded up with people hostile to veterans needs. I would disinvite invite them to march in any patriotic events etc..in their towns. These are complete phonies–and the worst is the Chairman. .

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