1380689_10151802199807740_1817966494_nSpotted this-where else- on facial recognition page. I stole it from member Emster. Seems  Joseph. Q. Veteran was denied transport to the VAMC in West LA. The reason was that, while he gets five years of access to the VAMCs free, medics determined it was not life-threatening based on a description over the phone. The consulting nurse refused to  pay for the meat wagon. He was told to drive himself there. No word on if he arrived or just said the hell with it and ripped them out himself. Jez Louise. Everybody’s a victim and wants the first class treatment. Hey, kids. We’re in a new realm of the Affordable Care Act. Time to Man up. Ambulances? You don’t get no stinkin’ ambulances.

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  1. mark says:

    Need your leg fixed , use a New Va approved Cane, No Kidding thats in the plan, your carbon credits have run out and you are breathing to much and are causing Globing Warming, so go away and Die all ready. We aint in Kansas anymore.

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