downloadWhooooooooooo, doggies. Gilead is still hot to trot and the show will go on for FDA expedited approval on Oct. 25th. Mark your calendars to come back and find out. This is more exciting than the Affordable Care Act imbroglio. I just hope it will be on the list of “approved ” drugs and not a eugenics cure to eliminate the HCV population of America by withholding it.

Doctors, Doctors give me good news

I’ve got a bad case of Dragon loose

Gilead’s pill’s gonna cure my ills

I need it now-gimme the juice

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  1. Mikey says:

    I just qualified for Oregons OHP in January. So if it gets approved in Oct., I’ll go see Dr. Cecil and go on the program in the Civilian World! Screw waiting for the VA!!! Mikey

  2. david j murphy says:

    It will most likely take VA 10 to 12 months to work out getting the drug in hand. That is about how long it took for the last hep c drug from FDA approval to in hand at the clinic

    • asknod says:

      Surely you jest, sir. It took them two years to get Interferon in their VAMCs (1997) after it came out. The Victrelis/Vertex triple puke cocktail took 2 as well but they way overbought considering the new generation of oral ones on the cusp. My guess will be the standard “Use up what’s on the shelf first, people.” Remember, these were the only idiots to think they could use the new insulin pens (with those needle thingies on the end) on multiple patients and they bought a shit ton of them before someone pointed out that it was a Bozo no-no. These folks work at the VAMC because no one else will hire them. You have to teach them to wash their hands. Remember, I have observer status for over a year.

  3. mark says:

    We will soon find out, I still think THEY want more Vets to Die before We get it

  4. Randy says:

    Hoping that this will do the trick finally.

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