downloadIt behooves us all to be humble when we read this. I honestly believe this is the product of a simply misunderstanding. Mr. Nicely was depending on his American Legion service organization representative to carry the water. Oddly, here he is up at the big house on Indiana Ave. and there’s no Amleggy-ons to be seen anywhere. Something’s amiss. Fortunately, being pro se, he’s going to get another piece of pie and a cup of coffee and another heapin’ helpin’ of VA hospitality. Nobody wants their name on this locomotive. You can almost envisage the headline in the Huntington, W.V.  fish wrap “Wheelchair bound Vet with psychiatric disabilities  given bum’s rush at VA-‘Not our problem says VA spokesman’.”

Here’s the condemned’s rationale for his appeal. If I parse it correctly, it seems he may have injured his back in basic. It also says he’s currently in a wheelchair which is some serious smack talk. VA takes notice if he starts getting diarrhea of the piehole up at the big house.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall down at Amleg Hqtrs.


And here’s the kid gloves.


Knowing that when you arrive at the CAVC unrepresented, you usually get 40 or 50 solicitations for legal services from attorneys, I find it difficult to see how our Veteran Parley here got this far without a winter’s worth of paper to burn in the wood stove.

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  1. Randy says:

    This is definately one of those times where a real lawyer could be helpful as the Vet appears to not be able to defend himself. American Legion, VFW, etc are not a first line defense. I wonder how many cases are lost by those supposedly looking out for the Veterans best interest. A list and break down of the organizational failures would be enlightening.

  2. Kyle Workman says:

    I have emailed this message to Governor Earl Ray Tomblin. Our new leader of the West Virginia Division of Veterans Affairs my be of some assistance. Of course you’re right, humility is the right word here. I wish I could say this is the first time I’ve seen this thing in West Virginia.

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