While picking up oats and a new saltlick the other day, I noticed Jerry (a Vietnam Vet) had what appeared to be a lapel pin made  out of small dart we knew as a flechette. When loaded into a 40mm M-79 grenade launcher, they were less than formidable. There were 45 of these ten grain flechettes in each round. If they’d all gone straight, they might have been more effective. The other downside I remember was that they didn’t arm until they’d traveled 30 feet which screwed you close in.

Well, sure enough. It was a flechette as I figured. He gave it to me and said he had plenty. Where does one get “plenty of 10 grain flechettes from? I’d like to load some 12 gauge with them. For your entertainment, click on the pictures twice to magnify.


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  1. Waylon Wolf says:

    These were effective making a path thru thick bush as well.

  2. Kyle Workman says:

    I was great with the M-79. Shooting a sling shot here in West Virginia all my life I loved the little fat grenade launcher. Also I’m somewhat familiar with the flechette, although they were not many to be found in my area around Phouc Vinh.

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