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Well, I’m glad we cleared this up. Every Tom, Dick and Sue was coming out with a PTSD complaint and angling for the bucks. Seeing a problem, VA ganged up with  DoD and decided to get to the bottom of this enigma. Why is it that all these guys are sucking on lead lollipops or driving their new 2013 Ford Mustangs into bridge abutments at 100 mph? Well, apparently for a lot of reasons but none of which have anything to do with going to War or being in the military. 

So we’re just going to have to wonder for a while longer why 22 guys (who just happen to have a a military background recently) a day decide to punch out.  Here’s the JAMA study in all it’s shining splendor. Note that the “study” runs from 2001 -2008. It ignores the latest statistics in favor of old stale ones. Perhaps they’re less irritating than the newer theories.

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