Apple Apps 004

Box hides well in the great pumpkin patch
so as not to draw the attention of grandkids

During the Stardust radio show last weekend, Rick regaled me with his new idea for a square pumpkin. Not to be outdone and figuring all of you on the Left Coast would like to have one in your back yard, I promptly constructed a receptacle for same.

It wasn’t 48 hours later that the subject pumpkin drafted for this endeavour exceeded its parameters and became wedged in the new constrictive environment. A quick check this morning confirms Rick’s observation. My grandson Hayden is going to have a very unique pumpkin this fall.

Apple Apps 003Thank you Rick for giving us endless gardening entertainment for years to come. I’ve already formulated a new military version (a pentagon) and will be contacting Chuck Hagel about distribution to the troops. The sky’s the limit on this. I’m thinking about drilling out a large (1″ diameter) hole to allow a VA-style “Pinocchio nose”  to grow out and even one with a smile cut out via a jigsaw to allow a mouth to protrude. This would make a marvelous gift for our Undersecretary for Veterans Tall Tales Allison Hickey.

As usual, these are shot with a Sony megapixel. You can click on them twice and magnify a mosquito’s ass to fit the whole screen. Put your cursor on the area you want to focus on before the second click.

P..S. Rick must have thought he invented the wheel. Look what member Frank (#2) found.  They stole my lips and nose idea. 

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  1. Randy says:

    Dear VA employee responsible for ILP:

    Please send greenhouse ASAP as NOD is loosing his marbles. LMAO on this one.

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