Tiger paw-the pink runs   through the middle inside.

Tiger paw-the pink runs through the middle inside.

Ever since we got the nasty news of what Monsanto is up to, we’re pretty darn careful what we plant and where we get the seeds. Cupcake was in charge of that this year and the insane desire to accessorize colors  (Monsanto be damned) required some careful screening. I had to take VA examiner courses on how to deny whole species outright. 

This is also Leigh’s virtual crop until she’s ready to start growing her own again sometime soon.



Carol Chykos' big paste black (like a Roma)

Carol Chykos’ big paste black (like a Roma)

Last night, my loving significant other started finding some that were ripe. I make no excuses. I’m a man. I had the grow box out-not the harvest box. As an accidental gardener and relatively new to this occupation, I am easily distracted by all the other denizens of the garden. Everyone clamors for attention in that crowded environment. Having an observant spouse who can spot color is paramount to eating it before it’s overdone.

Black from Tula The gourmet's tomato

Black from Tula
The gourmet’s tomato

This is part of my radio show tonight so be sure to keep this up on another tab.

Yellow Russian Azoychka

Yellow Russian Azoychka

Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget

Being the last one in the world to read instructions, I find out now that some of these insist on being grown in seclusion. Try telling that to the tomatoes. They don’t seem to be too put out about living in the ‘hood together with their friends.

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