Mother always said you should never appear more than three times in print. Once when born. Once when married and lastly, once when put to rest. The one possible exception would be your Confirmation. It appears the former director of the Dayton, Ohio VMC didn’t get the brochure on that one.

Here’s a new, innovative way to get ahead. Since our government and Congress are becoming so penurious, it behooves employees in the hierarchy of VA to become more proactive in how they obtain their bonuses. Being in a position of authority gives these Captains of Industry a leg up in attaining pecuniary ascendancy. As with any conspiracy, it is imperative that as few as possible are cognizant of the scam. Apparently this one had one too many.

The former director of the Cleveland VA Medical Center was indicted on 36 counts, accused of accepting bribes in return for influencing development projects and decisions involving the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, law enforcement officials said.

William D. Montague, 61, of Brecksville, was charged with conspiracy to commit honest services mail fraud, bribery, money laundering, multiple counts of wire fraud, mail fraud, disclosing public contract information and other charges.

I suppose I can understand his predicament. In a down economy, you have to be adroit in how you fund your retirement. If you are going to step on your necktie, it’s advisable not to do it on government time. They take a rather dim view of public servants double-dipping at the trough. Mr. Montague is in for some rough sledding. The sad part is that it was for financial peanuts. He probably netted about $200K doing this and his legal bills will wipe all that out and more. What’s more, he’s going to be estranged from family and friends for a while. When defrauding the government, it’s best to do it on a grand scale like Halliburton. This way, when caught with your hands in the till, a small fine won’t leave you penniless.

We seem to see a lot of this at the Veterans Administration. Is it a character flaw or does the agency just attract the wrong element? Were this simply an isolated anomaly, I suppose it wouldn’t warrant more than a mention in passing . The fact that it is just one more in a continuing litany of misfeasance and malfeasance at our august institution gives cause for alarm. What’s next? Will they soon resort to destroying our claims in a misguided attempt to reduce the backlog? Oh, nevermind. We’re talking Ohio here. Dayton dental clinic spreading HCV. Dayton VARO shredding scandal. There must be something in the water in Dayton.





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  1. Employee X says:

    Remember Dennis the Menace is the only reason there is a CBOC in Parma. It was his constant insistence that it was located there. So the Vets don’t have to drive to the Ghetto. The Cleveland VA was always a problem hospital and a little digging will turn up a lot more dirt. Dept. heads stealing from the vets. Nepotism, Theft of Government property. Remember the Hospital of fear?

  2. Employee X says:

    So uncle Billy got caught. If you look at the rest of his flunky’s, you will find a lot more misdeeds of top management. I was an employee for a long time and then Cavalier attitude they had for keeping thier hands in the public till was amazing. Look at some of his associates and you will find a lot more corruption. What happened to all the equipment they abandoned at Brecksville? Are they going to develope it with all the asbestos and other toxins in the place? Take a tour of the sub basments and see if all the plumbing and electrical supplies are there.

  3. VARETIREE says:

    One of his favorite sayings was, ” We’ll do it until we get caught.” Well, Bill, time is up!

  4. Piperone says:

    This guy was my boss for several years. During my VA career, I worked for approximately 25 directors and associate directors, and this guy was the worst in terms of violating federal rules and regulations. I can assure you that whatever was discovered during the most recent investigation is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the wrong he did during his career. He was also well known for destroying employees’ careers and lives if he perceived that one was not completely loyal to him and his schemes. And, this is something that he used to brag about. Not surprisingly, 3 of his proteges also had their VA careers ended due to their misdeeds: Patty Gheen – forced to retire after improperly awarding 2.3 million dollars in contracts to a friend; Forrest Farley – removed from his position as medical center director after a scathing VAOIG report on the condition of surgery suits in his hospital; Sean Nelson – left the VA voluntarily after he was pilloried in a VAOIG report on the the closure of the Brecksville VA and the construction project for the Cleveland VA.

  5. Randy says:

    HiHo HiHo it’s off to jail you go! Now if they could work on those pesky SOB’s involved in the economic disaster.

  6. Kiedove says:

    With these revelations, I think Rep. Kucinich would like to eat his words of high praise at Mr. Montague’s retirement from the VA (after 20 years) at the house of representatives. But, again, we’ll see what happens at the trial. We should follow this case closely since he’s served at 6 VA’s etc…

    a speech in Congress by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), on Feb 23, 2010
    Resources Visit CapitolWords for more context.
    Full Text Below, adapted from the Congressional Record.
    Madam Speaker, I rise today in honor of William D. Montague, Director of the Cleveland, Ohio Veterans Administration Medical Center (Cleveland VAMC), and in celebration of his retirement. For nearly twenty years he provided excellence, leadership and expertise in support of United States Veterans from northeast Ohio.

    Thanks in part to his hard work and dedication, the Cleveland VAMC has consistently provided superior and innovative clinical care, outreach services and numerous programs for veterans and their families. Throughout his tenure at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Mr. Montague has served as CEO or acting CEO at six VA facilities, and has been actively involved in 13 major construction projects which enhanced and expanded services and programs for veterans.

    Mr. Montague’s effective leadership and professional accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. He has been recognized numerous times with local, state and national awards and honors, including the 2009 American College of Healthcare Executives Federal Excellence in Healthcare Leadership Award; the Presidential Meritorious Award (twice); and the AMVETS Civil Servant Award. Mr. Montague was a key contact in working with my Congressional staff to assist veterans who reside in the 10th Congressional District. His response and support was consistently timely and thorough.

    Madam Speaker and colleagues, please join me in honor of William D. Montague, retiring Director of the Cleveland VAMC, who served with integrity, dedication, diligence, compassion and expertise. I thank Mr. Montague for all of his assistance to United States Veterans of the 10th Congressional District and the region. I wish him and his family peace, health and happiness as he journeys onward.

    • asknod says:

      Ooooohhh! Vicious. I love it. “Hi, Allow me to introduce my good friend Jim Jones. Reverend Jones has a large, communal farm down in Guyana sponsored by his church. He and his disciples spend a lot of time there helping the indigenous tribesmen and locals clear the jungle and produce food crops. A big round of applause, please.”

      • Kiedove says:

        Ha, ha. I like “…his accomplishments have not gone unnoticed.” More true than the representative ever guessed. And, “as he journeys onward.” Hmmm, to jail it may turn out.

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