I'm gonna go with the Hep.

I’m gonna go with the Hep.

Great. Now we are to be expected to don our Ben Casey outfits and decide which, of our numerous medical ailments, is the salient one that makes us TDIU. Huh? Twenty one years ago in 1992 Jovita Espiritu got the bitchslap from the CAVC and the VA. Are we  now granted that self-same right to do what has been previously forbidden?

Somebody tell me what’s going on. Here’s the convoluted FAST letter that explains it all. I like the flow chart where it says ” If Vet fails to pick a disease/ injury as the premiere one for his disability, then deny administratively. What. pray tell, have they been doing for the last two hundred years? Helloooooooooooooooo?

FAST Letter 13-013-001

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  1. SquidlyOne says:

    They send a form to employers who the Vet has worked for the last 5 years. The employers usually don’t send them back not even federal agencies fill them out and send them in. The BLM didn’t send one in for six months namely because I had a legal action against them for discrimination against disability. It’s just a way for the VARO to procrastinate and delay. They virtually have no weight in the decision anyway. The fast letter is about an oppressive agency (vA) that went bad. They break every CFR on the subject of TDIU, That is what all of the federal agencies do now because there is no oversight since OIG is nothing more than a pig with lipstick that feeds from the same trough as the VAROS.

    If the Vet has SSDI then they are supposed to weed out those conditions that are not service-connected. The DRO reviews just spew out that they don’t have any SSDI records so the TDIU is denied. The vAROs are denying everything now and kicking it all up to DC as an excuse to mush the backlog. They reality is that they know that 80% of the Vets will drop out of the race in the 5 years plus to get past the BVA. Three years longer for the remand circle jerk, then even more vets drop out. The government designed this to happen this way. It’s no accident or oversight.

    • Kiedove says:

      Wow..sending letters to employers also seems like a tremendous invasion of privacy.
      Not the the government has any respect for privacy.

  2. Kiedove says:

    An employer is sent a VA form? Assuming a veteran employee is not working a substantive wage, I think the VA shouldn’t be writing to employers. They can rely on IRS data.

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