Here’s our attempt to communicate from Magnet and Hugfest. It’s primative. I had to have Cupcake bring us up the hill and connect via our my-fi DIY internet connection.

Greetings from Magnet

Our numbers wax and wane. Kat arrived for the afternoon but had to leave to be with her daughter for an operation. Loyal and Rhonda arrived Monday afternoon. Castle Collucci is now bursting at the seams and more are expected this afternoon.

Our numbers are smaller this year for a number of reasons but that just means we’ll all be incredibly fat by the time we depart. The quantity of food is phenomenal. In spite of Jerri’s repeated Facepage admonitions to scale back, the need for extra refrigerator space is becoming apparent. Three would not be enough at this point. Fortunately Ice chests are available for the overflow.

Bud lied. Unexpectedly, AT&T service is just a chimera at the cabin. Down on the riverbank out front we have 3 lines but that varies. In order to transmit this, I’ll be traveling up to the top of the hill above by car and transmitting from there. Bandwidth for pictures might be an issue from our my-fi but we’ll see.

Weather has been interesting with rain, thunder and lightning Sunday. Monday afternoon the sun made its inaugural appearance. Today, Tuesday morning, the fog is obscuring the sun but will burn off soon. For some inexplicable reason, everyone seems to think this is a Japanese Kodak moment. Cameras are clicking. Jez. Don’t they ever have fog around here?

Absent any other left coast attendees, Cupcake and I remain the far travelers. Many here were hoping for others from out west, but so far we remain the distance winners. It was rumored that Cleotis might even attend. Susan appears to be the east coast winner from the outer banks of North Carolina. Susan and I are like peas and carrots. Never have I met someone who captures the essence of “Pulleeze. Get over it. Move on. Humor is in order here. Despair is forbidden.”

Embo and I are the only ones here who flunked the Interferon Olympics.  Everyone else is a member of the SVR club. Dennis seems to have been the longest in treatment at 80 weeks. Kat had to be the endurance queen with six attempts to scale Mt. Dragon before she summitted.

Sunday morning, Cupcake and I searched for 4 hours for my friend’s gravesite in Winchester, Indiana. The sexton of the cemetery works religiously from Monday to Friday (8AM-12PM). At 1PM we finally found the resident gravedigger who knows where everybody is buried. He located Chuck’s grave for us. Incredibly, there were two Chuck E. Engles planked there.  Following that, we departed for the Fest with several stops for every known fruit in the western hemisphere. This is where all the food problems arise. Women have an inflated idea of how much X number of people can ingest in X days. Buying enough for 3 times that number seems to be par for the course. Men, of course, are far more pragmatic and would rather starve and pretend that was the plan all along. They would never admit to forgetting anything other than beer.

Embo arrived with a large supply of shirts and ordered us to create a large quantity with Hugfest logos to mail to those who were unable to attend this year. Each one is unique and signed by all.

Sadly, the Ohio River is polluted and fishing is ill-advised here. Correction. Eating the fish is ill-advised. Since no one here is inclined to pay for a license ($9 a day) to fish for something inedible or to play catch and release, the wet washcloth philosophy has descended. In order to even get a license would require traveling 40 miles or more one-way. Being the pragmatist that I am, the risk of running into the game warden is always low in my mind. In reality, I have the luck of a Titanic passenger in that regard. I have met more constables in my lifetime and had more fishing rods confiscated than the average bear. I have no explanation for that. Fate is fickle. If the dove limit is 12 a day and I am in physical possession of 16, the die is cast. I’ll get busted. If the limit is one buck, I’m doomed. Invariably, another one will sneak up behind the one I shoot and I’ll get an accidental twofer. And yes, the warden will be along soon before I can hide the extra one in the door panels of the truck.

Time to light the green firewood and soak a blanket for the smoke signals. This epistle will be launched as soon as possible. Rick and Michelle are expected soon, as is Carol. Wish all you fellow Festers could all be here. Next year’s Hugfest is scheduled for Arkansas (The Buffalo River). It will probably be scheduled for May to avoid the higher rates associated with high season for vacation.

We’ll bring you another update as it occurs. Rick and wife Michelle from Stardust Radio are here and he is busy making cheddar jalapeno bread for dinner. Pesto/cheddar bread is tomorrow.

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  1. carol says:

    I absolutely LOVED meeting you and cupcake! You both are good people……..and will see you again!

    • asknod says:

      Yes, indeed you will, Sugar. Hugfest will be a bit bigger next year if everyone who SAYS they are coming does. Even so, this one was exquisite. It’s nice to get compliments like “Cirrhosis becomes you, dude.”

  2. Kiedove says:

    Sounds fun even with the rain.

  3. hepsick says:

    Wish I was there, Hay fun BRO

  4. cdneh says:

    Arkansas! That’s one we might get to! Hope you are all having an absolute blast, we are pea green with envy 😀

  5. Cleotis says:

    Cleotis should be cruising through tomorrow morning

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