DRO Claims in by 10 out by 4 with Extraordinary Writ

DRO Claims in by 10 out by 4 with Extraordinary Writ

In spite of all you have been told by those oh-so-knowledgeable VSOs, you can kick ass and take names at the CAVC with a petition for a Writ of Mandamus. If you’re dirt poor and aren’t getting any respect, you get a bye on the $50 ante. That makes this a freebee for you. 

Take our good buddy William V. Bachstet. Smart cookie. Pro se at the Court gets you the red carpet treatment. You’re as sharp as a marble in their eyes so it helps to keep it in monosyllabic words like “Ugh. Me want DRO hearing. Write letters. Use wet blanket and green Madrona smoke signals. Beat tom-toms.  No hear from Great White Father. Bill want justice. VA speak with forked tongue.”

And lo and behold, before they can even think about granting the Writ, why, we find out the check was in the mail all along. Chances are Uncle Bill got one of those pronto provisional McClaims jobs, but what the hey? Just as Exlax® is inexorable,  VA pooped and got off the pot. It does produce “regularity” such as it is in the claims world. It’s no guarantee that you’ll win-just that the constipation your claim has been suffering will suddenly be resolved.  Check it out. I love these things.

Willie Bachstett

VA McClaims drive thru window at Sioux Falls VARO.

VA McClaims drive thru window at Sioux Falls VARO.

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  1. Bill Bachstet says:

    FYI, my claim took 3 1/2 years and involved quadruple (yes, 4 times repeatable test, consultations and diagnosis’s) for each repeated claim over that period of time. During the 4th psych interview they called for assistance, I assume the next call would’ve been for security. Many times I thought of forgetting the whole process however my advocate, a non-connected VA person who had been advocating for veterans for over 22 years persisted in keeping me on course. It was because of his knowledge of the “system”, ie: legal procedures as noted above, case histories, etc. and I believe the only reason my claim was finally adjudicated. Bill Bachstet

  2. SquidlyOne says:

    Right on with the Mickey D’s fast claim drive through. You order a big Mac and get a happy meal without the toy.

  3. James Perry says:

    PROBLEM? Have not discovered the criteria and justifications for the justices on the court to grant a writ. Apparently high crimes does not work so the only rational remaining for Justice Moorman granting a writ is treason. The VA lawyers working for the veteran are afraid of becoming disbarred while declaring corruption on the part of the VA. Notwithstanding, justices on the court admonish those who seek a writ declaring they merely are making the attempt to skip the lengthy backkog and adjudicaton process.

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