So new they haven’t come out with a .pdf fill outable one yet. Yes siree, Bob. They are getting this down to a science. No more will we send in a 21-4138 and have them misconstrue it as a reopen of an old, denied claim  Why, our thoughts will become crystal clear when they feast their eyes on this. Or not. Murphy’s sixth VA law clearly states that if something can be misinterpreted at the VARO, it will be.

Thank you Law Bob Squarepants for this exciting new form.

(o o)

P.S. I embedded the form into the widget above with VA Forms

P.P.S. Notice the disclaimer in the top left. If they do not construe your filing to be

a) a disagreement with something they did to you; or

b) a desire for appellate review

Then it isn’t a NOD and you can lose for failure to appeal. Be careful. Keep your wallet in your front pocket and sit in corners at the VARO.

Ah, the .pdf fill out version.

 then click on the Notice of Disagreement box or the  21-o958 one.

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5 Responses to NEW NOD FORM 21-0958 FROM VA

  1. DavidLJones says:

    I received my Rating Documents date Dec 12, 2014, in mid January 2015. Noting there in gave me any info about VA Form 21-0958 & requiring it filled out within 60 days of Dec 12 2014 date.
    Really no surprise there , I haven’t found the VA to be Honest and up front in the last 45 years.

    State Vet Rep. gave me info and form and I believe, advised me she had to file it.

    This garbage sure gets / got old 40 years ago.

    Think I’ll just go with the Appeals, I’m used to the 40+ year waits, this time, I my not live that long (105 yrs old), probable the VA’s Plan for us Veterans.

  2. Donald Allen Martin says:

    As soon as I get the papers I will fill them out
    And send the forms to the Chicago Office 60612
    Above included comment!!!

  3. Donald Allen Martin says:

    Send ASAP

  4. Donald Allen Martin says:

    Please send me a set of the papers that equals 6 pages for to file the
    Notice of Disagreement,VA Form 21-0958 when a Veteran gets a denial
    From the Chicago Veterans Regional Office,2122 West Taylor Street’
    Chicago,Illinois 60612 Send to: Donald A. Martin 1411 Dugdale Road. ,
    North Chicago,Illinois 60064

  5. Michael tam says:

    to all Vet’s I found out the hard way
    but i did fill paper work right away I hope it save me
    I;m warning all military I now not to go to the VA and if they do say nothing to the VA

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