What? VA worry? We're outta here.

What? VA worry? We’re outta here.

Here is a quandary wrapped in an enigma surrounded by a conundrum.

When is 20,000 actually 10, 000? Well, pilgrim, only at the VA house of mirrors is when. Remember in the New York Times blurb about Aid and Attendance? I quote a paragraph.

The V.A. employed 291,000 people as of Sept. 30, 2011, with only 20,000 of them assigned to handling compensation, pension and other benefits for millions of veterans and their families, according to the 2011 V.A. Performance and Accountability Report.

Whereas now we are treated to this press release today, May 15th, about the poor, tired, overworked  RVSRs and DROs.

I have no doubt the onus of the overtime will be visited on the GS-7-9s who carry most of the water around the VAROs. GS-13 Robbie rater will show up after his golf game and merely sign a fistful on Saturday afternoon late without even top-sheeting them.


Under the plan, all 10,000-plus VA employees who process disability claims will be required to work at least 20 hours overtime each month, between now and September 30.

Read this article through from start to finish and tell me where they discuss doing “Provisional ” ratings. I see a reference to giving homeless applicants, terminally ill veterans, and former Prisoners of War high priority. Helloooooooooooooooo?

So what is it? 10,000 or 20,000? Is this VA math with a rounding error? Is this a provisional count that may have to be “adjusted” later? For this masterful VA press release, we give outgoing Vice- Chairman of VA Scott “Fool’s gold” Gould the Alfred E. Neuman “What? Us worry?” award for being clueless as to how many employees they do have, the definition of “time” and what backlog actually means.

Well. That all depends upon your definition of "thousand". VA takes a flexible approach.

Well. That all depends upon your definition of “thousand”. VA takes a flexible approach. Speaking four-dimensionally, you have an entirely different paradigm at work. Most don’t understand that concept. Time in the fourth dimension is subjective and open for disagreement among all. Our concept is “Justice delayed is not Justice denied”.

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