I got this from a fellow Vet who is aware of my summer vacation in the Land of the Hmong in 1970. It strikes home as all who served there knew we were in Indian country. With no laws and the Geneva Convention Protocols a sham, if you were captured it was akin to Mission: Impossible-If you are captured, your government will disavow any knowledge of you or your actions. We wore civilian attire and carried Laotian driver’s licences. Some had USAID ID. Others who worked for Air America and wore the uniform had a modus vivendi with the Pathet Lao and could be “bought” back. Not so for American soldiers and airmen.

The movie is about John Robertson, a Special Forces trooper doing what we all did-sightseeing. He had his chopper shot out from under him and that was all she wrote.  I strongly suspect he succumbed to the effects of extensive interrogation and brainwashing. No one of sane mind would opt to stay of his own free will.

imagesP.S. Now with all that said, I received this from several knowledgeable individuals:


Some info indicates the man is a fraud.  The missionary named Tom Faunce, has been involved in raising funds from other POW families.  It is what it is…I sure don’t know the truth.

In 2008, Mr. Ngoc was taken to the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) to check for fingerprints. Vân tay của ông Ngọc được gửi về Mỹ để kiểm tra và ngày 13/2/2009, Cục điều tra Liên bang Mỹ (FBI) kết luận vân tay của ông Ngọc không khớp với vân tay chính thức của cựu binh Robertson. His fingerprints were sent to the U.S. to Jade checks and on 02.13.2009, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) concluded his fingerprints did not match the fingerprint Jade’s official veterans Robertson.

According to reports from families of men who are missing in Vietnam, there is an individual or small group of individuals contacting, POW/MIA family members, activist and individuals within the Vietnamese community. Their story is always the same; they have access to one or more POWs and they can get them home.

Money isn’t mentioned at first. These unscrupulous individuals first
establish a rapport with their intended victim. They provide small
pieces of information, all readily available through public documents,
or gleaned from conversations with the family member over a period of
time. Then they provide photos. Most of the recent reporting centers
on John Hartley Robertson lost in Vietnam on May 20th 1968. In some
cases when a family member is contacted they will be told their loved
one is held with Robertson, thus making it very personal.

Since last June, at least 8 individuals have been approached to help
“rescue” John Hartley Robertson. At least two individuals provided
funds to assist in the “rescue.”

We report. You decide.

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  1. ImRight says:

    See the film first before making assumptions. Everything you mentioned is refuted in the film.
    An isotope tooth analysis was performed on one of his last teeth. This process is currently used by the U.S. FBI and CSI units to determine the origin and habitats of humans who’s bodies cannot provide sufficient DNA analysis. The results confirmed that he lived in southeast region of the United States.

    The fingerprint results that came back as “unconfirmed” does not imply they did not match. If you do your research you will know that John H. Robertson was a highly classified green beret paratrooper (macv-sog). These particular units did NOT have their fingerprints taken because of their high classification. If the fingerprints came back “false” then the U.S. government would have stated “false” but they did not.

    When he met up with his sister in Canada, he knew exactly who she was. He walked right up to her and hugged her without anyone saying anything. He then turned to the man standing next to her and said, “I remember you from the pharmacy.” Then asked how he was treating his sister. This man was his sister’s husband. This man worked in a pharmacy over 40 years ago. How is it this “scam artist” knew an average joe’s employment, on the other side of the world, from over 40 years ago?

    His sister then asked him “Can I give you money?” His reply was, “I need nothing. I only wanted to see my family.” He never asked for help. He doesn’t want to live in the states either. What a horrible scam artist he is!

    The U.S. government stated that they have looked into Mr. Ngoc’s case multiple times throughout the years and have even confirmed DNA analysis. First of all. If the government assumes someone is pretending to be a MIA soldier, it is military protocol to notify the family for their safety and to take precautions – none of the relatives ever said they were notified. Second, none of the family members ever submitted anything for DNA analysis. So to recap: The military failed to notify the family that a man was pretending to be their loved one who was assumed to be dead. And the military either illegally took DNA samples from the family members, or lied about providing DNA samples. Or you could be an idiot and say that the family members are lying about providing data and being notified so that this random man can claim to be someone they know he’s not. Which one is is?

    You are 100% false about Tom Faunce (by the way I’m not Tom Faunce nor am I affiliated with the film) raising funds from other POW families. This is the very first instance Tom has ever come across a POW – he is primarily dedicated to provide supplies to the poor and needy in 3rd world countries.

    Lastly. The Fake Warriors Project really did they research…so much so that they continually called Tom Faunce and Joe Faunce brothers…by the way, they are cousins. How much more can you trust from these phonies?

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