April Fool’s day in 2011 dawned with Mr. Heino’s pill-cutting shenanigans.

April Fool’s Day  2013 in Seattle and environs dawned crisp and clear- what aviators call CLAVU. CLear to Altitude-Visibility Unlimited. Upon checking my email, I discovered that Santa had been there. Bob, my Michigan rainmaker, true to form, has extracted what would appear to be as close as you can get to a “We’re on it.” from the good folks who serve Vets. The Joint Motion to Remand will send my problems back over to Vermin Ave. for a rebuild. Or so it is hoped. We never cross our “T”s or visit the Dodge showroom before our chickens are hatched.  As many know, Uncle Eric makes Will. E. Coyote look like a rank amateur. Just when one thinks he’s in the catbird seat, one discovers the kitty litter box. I read it and reread it and the only thing I can surmise is that nobody wants to hurt anyone’s feelings and make them feel inadequate. Thus there will be no sarcastic rejoinders about the lupine parentage and wet-nursing of certain employees of the VA.

I will also obey his wishes and refrain from any detailed analysis until I see some skin in the new, revamped decision. Simply saying you’re going to remand for a new look and repair those Reasons and Bases does not always guarantee the rebuild will be in your favor.

I guess the most humorous part is how this has wended its way to here. I filed exactly 19 years ago on April Fool’s Day. Imagine the odds that it would take that long but even more, that it would culminate on the same exact day almost two decades later. Lots of things were happening back then. March 26th Half-brother of former President Bill Clinton and rodeo clown Roger Clinton (37) wedded Molly Martin (25) in Dallas. March 24th – Robert F Kennedy Jr divorced Emily Black. March 29th- coach Jimmy Johnson quit the Dallas Cowboys. March 31st – James Farentino pled no contest to stalking ex-girlfriend Tina Sinatra. Apr 7th Vatican acknowledged Holocaust (Nazis killing Jews) for 1st time. Yes, 1994 was memorable.

Six months before this, on September 23rd, 1993 I had my Agent Orange registry exam in Tacoma. They never called me back for the face-to-face time with the doctor. I got worried. A year before that, Cupcake happened to overhear the disease Porphyria Cutanea Tarda mentioned as a complication of exposure to Agent Orange. Strange turns of fate and how they combined to create a tapestry with time woven in. Add in VA’s inherent inability to follow through on what they promised to do and you have the perfect storm of inaction. That it took so long for them to see it is still the conundrum.

Six weeks from now, we expect to see a glow in the east-the glimmer of the dawning of intelligence at the BVA. Hopefully the torch will be passed to the RO and justice delayed will finally become justice dispensed. $5 bucks says they still manage to get it wrong.



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1 Response to APRIL FOOL’S DAY 2013

  1. Randy says:

    If they get it wrong, Nah, Perish the thought!

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