Attached here are Kurt Priessman’s seminal Project CHECO (Contemporary Historical Examination of Current Operations) reports for Laos and Cambodia. They are a real eye opener and a big help for trying to remember which Lima Site you were at back then. There were so many that they blur after 40-odd years. Eventually every Karst and mountaintop looks similar. We used highways and rivers to navigate with in good weather and a compass with allowance for wind in bad.

Project CHECO wasn’t declassified for quite some time after the war in order to protect a lot of asses. It’s refreshing to see them come to light and illuminate history. It’s fun to see what was going on up at the nominal 7th/13th AF Headquarters at Udorn even though we all took our orders from Ambassador Godley. From what I gather, he was an improvement over “No-nape” Sullivan. That is an allusion to his strict policy of over-managing our air strike requests and frag orders from 7th TACC.

At any rate, it illuminates another side of war no one knew was in progress.

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