Every time I get one of these in the mail, I immediately digest the entire website to make sure I’m not being inveigled into promoting some goofball “Holes in the Poles” theory about where the aliens park all their spaceships and do the  5 million light year/50,000 hour maintenance under the hood.  Come on. I don’t want to belong to the E Pluribus Unum Club with the “one eye on the pyramid” logo.  Read some of the stories to get a feel for it. I’ve been sucked in by a few. They’re like black holes-plausible at first but then you feel like you’re in Oz, Kansas.


So if they have stories like “Use this single loophole to avoid paying taxes (HD video-$9.95), see if the guy’s last name is Madoff. If it  has articles like “Bill O’Reilly finds who killed Jesus”, move your wallet to your front pocket and leave.

I only have enough time to fight for Veterans and try to stay alive. Add in farming and it gets crowded. If I had to join the tinfoil hat club, I might have to give up one of the others. So what should the emailbox regurgitate but 8 tiny reindeer attached to a bunch of cc’s informing me that VA now requires you to give up your guns. Not. I don’t care if everyone you know is digging an underground bomb shelter/gun storage for the Last Days. It’s coming but not for a while.

Let’s read this like good ol’ boy Jeff Foxworthy.  You may be incompetent :

if you are unable to find your way to the supermarket.

if you are unable to find the trail of breadcrumbs you left to help you get home from the supermarket.

if you are unable to remember which jacket you left the Glock .40  in.

if you can’t remember if you ever wear jackets.

if you have someone else do your finances.

if you can no longer spell finances.

if you wear adult diapers and drool a lot.

if you are not actively involved in the changing of the above diaper.

if you can’t remember your wife’s name.

These are clues to warn you about being incompetent. If you fit this category, VA is instructed to get you a fiduciary or see if one of your family members can do it. Family is probably better if you are worried about theft. VA has a pretty spotty record on that fiduciary-appointing business. Best someone in your own family takes you for a ride than a total stranger. That way the clan benefits as a whole.

So, you get the idea. You’re no longer a candidate for Mensa. Chances are, you probably shouldn’t be toting anything more lethal than a butter knife. VA knows this. You know this. Chances are your wife/daughter/ fiduciary knows this. They may have already taken precautions and removed the lead lollipops.

Much ado about nothing. The sky is not falling. Chicken Little is a bit premature. The VA is not going to suddenly turn you in to the FBI. What will happen is that your name will be entered into the Honorary Adam Lanza Memorial database as one who should not be allowed to own or possess firearms. It does not encompass Vets with PTSD-yet. The operable word is “yet”. Gun control is a gradual process like moss growing on your roof. One day you look up and it’s green instead of grey. I can see them getting their fair share of the hairy eyeball soon but not today.

This isn’t a conspiracy to take your rights away. It’s a concerted effort keep guns out of the hands of crazies. You have to start somewhere. VA is simply helping to compile their portion of a database for national consumption. If it ended there, it would be okay. A conspiracy consists of silent, dark night hand offs and subterfuge. VA isn’t hiding what they are up to. It’s what they will start doing openly to the large cadre of bent brain Vets some day that is of concern. Will they or can they adjudge this group as mentally unbalanced to the point where their 2nd Amendment rights may be abridged? That’s an interesting discussion for another day.

I guess I don’t have to mention how this will cause a lot of servicemen to think twice about claiming PTSD with the inevitable outcome of deprivation of their constitutional right to keep and bear. Pretty tricky, huh? Chances are the VA just found a cure for the disease and doesn’t even know it.





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  1. david j murphy says:

    What is that quote” they can take my gun when they pry it from my cold dead fingers”

  2. Randy says:

    If they work on this the same way they do claims I’ll be dead before they come knocking and sending duplicate mailings anyway. I agree somewhat with hepsick but the bankers are connected through what entity? Interestingly enough the answer is found when searching the Bildenburg Society. Scary stuff been going on there for years. Don’t believe it just Goggle, Bing or whatever your search engine you may use and then read what we are not supposed to know or comment upon.

  3. hepsick says:

    Sorry My Brother, But THEY are taking away VETS right to bear arms,I know this for a FACT, the reason is WE know how to use them, I would rather NOT be in THERE Data Base, know what I mean? someday and I think soon PTSD will = NO 2nd Amendment, The gun grabbers will use any Excuse to disarm America, I have gone all the way down the Rabbit Hole and it is in there White Papers, can not have World Government without Disarming US. Hope I have gone HOME by then, crossed over, body in dirt spirit with God. One lesson I did learn from the Army is to always be Prepared for anything, I just live that way, The left eye controllers are REAL, they are a Banking Cartel Hell bent on World Government, and in fact THEY run OUR Government, they fund both sides of Wars, start them and feed off US like the Blood Sucking Leaches THEY are.
    Anyway I live to study them, and Wake People up. Join Oath Keepers, We swore a oath to the Consitition, and I WILL keep it all the way to the Grave, NOT ON OUR WATCH.
    Peace mark

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